Kajol’s ‘Priorities’ Include Remembering To Eat Bun Maska-Chai

Known for her love for simplistic meals like malai and rice, Kajol has proven yet again that the joy of eating is real in foods that evoke an emotion. Although not known to be a die-hard foodie, the actress makes sure to indulge in her favourite foods from time to time; most recently relishing a bite of bun-maska along with a cup of chai. A popular tea time favourite in Maharashtra and Gujarat, the inexpensive snack delivers what it promises – soft, salted butter slathered inside pillowy-sweet buns. Perfect to use as a dipper for masala chai, the decadent treat has origins in the Irani café culture that prevailed.

Besides the classic rendition of the bun-maska, some variations also include jam or cheese – based on what personal preferences are. Other sought-after variations also include a layer of fresh malai and granulated sugar for a creamy-crunchy textural contrast. While the characteristic marker of the snack dish is its soft bun, a version that uses crisper, hollow buns known as kadak pav have also been fan favourites.

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When dipped in a hot beverage like chai, they soak up the moisture and turn soft enough to bite into easily.Inspired from the British concept of eating bread and butter, the culinary gem was born in Mumbai and adapted to suit local palates. As the migration of Irani confectioners coincided with the economic boom that meant factory workers requiring their share of tea, biscuits and bread, the humble bun-maska became a filling and affordable option – much like most other street foods in Mumbai.