Kachori And Jalebi On Japanese Ambassador's Varanasi Food Trail

It’s always a pleasure to see visitors to India indulging in local food and appreciating the vast spectrum of regional cuisines; for many, it becomes a transformational experience. Japanese Ambassador to India and Bhutan, Hiroshi Suzuki is well-known for being one of those foodies who has taken wholeheartedly to Indian cuisine and was even named India’s Culinary Ambassador for the appreciation he’s shown for every new thing he’s tried. Recently, he added another city and a whole new set of street food delicacies to his roster when he toured the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. 

In a video shared on Saturday, he savoured the delightful street food of Varanasi, trying the renowned ‘kachori’ and ‘jalebi’. He enthusiastically recounted his culinary adventure. In the two videos, Suzuki stood in the bustling streets of Varanasi, showcasing the kachori and jalebi to the camera. He vividly described their flavours, expressing his delight with animated gestures. “I'm relishing kachori in Varanasi,” he paused to appreciate the dish and exclaimed, “Excellent!” In another delightful video, he eagerly looked forward to the jalebi, stating, “And then I will enjoy jalebi too,” pausing once more to relish it and declaring it, “Very good.”

This isn’t the first time Suzuki has been enthralled by the food of the city though. He visited the Varanasi earlier last year in May and sampled a variety of dishes, including Gol Gappa, Baati Chokha, and Banarasi Thali. He’s also proved himself a fan of other specialities of Uttar Pradesh too when he visited Lucknow in November last year. "Lucknowi biryani two days in a row! Undoubtedly the finest biryani I've ever tasted!" he said on social media. 

Since landing in India over a year ago, Suzuki has quickly become a social media star for his adventurous foodie nature and genuine interest in learning more about the many cuisines of India, as well as fully immersing himself in the culture, arts and interests of every new city he visits.