Japan Ambassador Indulges Lucknow’s Biryani, Calls It ‘The Best’
Image Credit: Hiroshi Suzuki/X

Indian cuisine is renowned all over the world for its rich taste and myriad of flavours. With a plethora of tantalising dishes, our cuisine has also captured the taste buds of foreign foodies. You can find many international tourists and dignitaries relishing desi dishes in our country. One such person is the Japanese Ambassador to India, Hiroshi Suzuki

Recently, he shared a post on social media about his latest gastronomic experience; indulging in the flavourful Lucknow Biryani during his visit to the city. "Lucknowi Biryani for two days in a row! Simply the best Biryani I’ve ever had", said the Japan Ambassador Suzuki on X (formally Twitter), on Saturday. Here is the post. Take a look.  

Also known as the ‘Awadhi biryani’, the Lucknowi delicacy stands out from other biryanis due to its unique cooking style, called dum pukht. The meat seasoned with aromatic spices like saffron, star anise and cinnamon are cooked separately from rice, and then it is layered with cooked rice in a deep-bottomed vessel (handi). It further gets cooked together for hours until the flavours combine deeply.  

Netizens loved his post, and many applauded the ambassador for his keen interest in Indian food and culture. Meanwhile, a debate was also raised on India's best biryani. One user praised Mr. Suzuki for embracing local cultures, said, "It's amazing to see how the Japanese immerse themselves in local cultures... we love you guys." While another appreciated his choice by saying "Great choice, Ambassador... it's absolutely delicious." Some people also recommended him to try biryanis from different regions. 

Ambassador Suzuki's love for Indian food has made him a social media sensation since last year after his arrival in India. Many videos of the 61-year-old diplomat went viral where he can be seen relishing Indian delicacies. The most recent one besides Lucknowi biryani is New Delhi's Sarojini Nagar tour. He was captured enjoying delectable street foods such as aloo tikki in the market. The ambassador was accompanied by his wife, Eiko Suzuki, and Mayo, a Hindi speaking Japanese YouTuber.