Japanese Ambassador Indulges In Aloo Tikki In Sarojini Nagar
Image Credit: Mayo Japan/YouTube

Since arriving in India last year, Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki has gone viral many times (and won a lot of hearts along the way) for his love of Indian culture, and especially, his fondness for local food. Recently, the 61-year-old ambassador surprised people again when he visited Delhi’s renowned Sarojini Nagar, famed for its flea markets and street food stalls.

Suzuki visited the market along with his wife Eiko Suzuki and Mayo, a Hindi-speaking Japanese content creator who is well-known for her social media content. In the video, Suzuki is seen relishing Aloo Tikki – spiced deep-fried potato patties covered in chutneys, yoghurt and crunchy sev – from a local stand as they take a quick break from shopping. They then go on to explore more shops where he tries on some traditional kurtas before picking his favourite. 

Video Credits: Mayo Japan/YouTube

Before leaving Sarojini, Mayo takes them for one more culinary treat. They stop by another stall and pick up some freshly steamed vegetables and chicken momos, as well as some Ram Laddus, a fritter made from moong dal and chana dal batter and smothered in sweet and spicy chutneys. 

Suzuki and his wife both declared they preferred the chicken momos but it’s clear that the Aloo Tikki also won his heart as later he posted Mayo’s video on X (formerly Twitter) saying, ‘Wonderful, desi experience with Hindi-speaking Japanese YouTuber Mayo san!! Aloo tikki dijiye’.

Whether it’s trying spicy misal pav in Pune, braving the packed Mumbai local trains or dancing to a Rajnikanth song, it seems like Suzuki is really loving his Indian adventures and a trip to Sarojini is another thing he can now tick off his India bucket list.