5 Healthy Beetroot Drinks To Relish This Winter Season

Winter brings a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables to our plate. Each of these seasonal produces are loaded with several vitamins and minerals that help in boosting immunity and protecting against winter illnesses. Among all other vegetables, beetroot is the showstopper of the season. This gorgeous and vibrant root vegetable is a good source of various nutrients. 

According to U.S Department Of Agriculture, 100g of raw beetroot contains 1.61g of protein, 2.8g of fibre, 23mg of magnesium and 109 µg of folate. It helps in managing blood pressure, fighting inflammation and improving digestive health. Beetroot is commonly consumed as salads, curry, paratha, cutlet and so on. 

But if you are looking for some beetroot-based beverages, here are five recipes you can try this season.  

Beetroot Juice  

This is the healthiest way to add beetroot to your winter diet. Beetroot juice is very easy to prepare and uses basic ingredients like fresh beets, black pepper and salt. You can pair this nutritious drink with any meal of the day. Add a few drops of lemon to give your beetroot juice a punch of tangy flavour.  

Beetroot Smoothie

If you don’t have time to prepare breakfast on busy weekdays, replace your morning meal with a glass of beetroot smoothie. It is prepared by blending beetroot with almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and your favourite fruits such as bananas and apples. Beetroot smoothie is sweet in taste and has a creamy texture. 

Beetroot Milkshake

This is a delicious way to include beetroot in your kids’ diet. Made with milk, sugar syrup, boiled beetroot and cinnamon powder, it can become a perfect breakfast drink for school-going children. Beetroot milkshake is pretty looking, yummy and also nutritious. It can also be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  

Beetroot Latte

This nutrient-rich pink drink is a beautiful blend of beetroot powder, warm spices and milk along with a hint of sweetener. Easy to prepare, it can be served both hot and chilled. The main spices used in this drink are ground cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and ground cloves. You can also replace the regular milk with oat or any other plant-based milk. 

Beetroot Lemonade 

Lemonade is a renowned summer drink that is prepared by combining water, sugar and lemon juice. Give it a wintery twist by adding some beetroot to the recipe. This refreshing citrusy drink is perfect to enjoy after breakfast or lunch. You can also blend an apple or any other of your favourite fruits with the lemonade for an extra flavour.