8 Refreshing Millet Drinks To Stay Cool And Healthy This Summer

A class of small-seeded grains known as millet is widely grown and eaten as a staple meal in many regions of the world, especially in Asia and Africa. They are a wholesome substitute for refined grains because they are devoid of gluten and high in vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

Drinks made with millet are great for the summer since they are hydrating, cooling, and nutritious. These beverages, which include malted millet beverages, millet smoothies, and porridge, aid in preventing dehydration, restoring electrolytes, and offering long-lasting energy. Furthermore, millets facilitate digestion and enhance general health, which makes them perfect for hot weather eating.

Here is a list of millet-based drinks to keep healthy and hydrated in the summer season:

1. Mango-Ragi Smoothie:

The Mango-Ragi Smoothie is a tasty and wholesome summertime millet beverage. It tastes of tropical mango, has a creamy texture, and has hints of nuttiness from the ragi (finger millet). To make it, process ripe mango chunks with yoghurt, sugar or honey, cooked ragi flour, and a small amount of milk or coconut water until smooth. This smoothie is the perfect summertime beverage for an energy boost because it's hydrating, refreshing, and loaded with fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

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2. Bajre Ka Chaas:

A famous summertime beverage in India, bajre ka chaas is a pleasant millet-based beverage. The addition of yoghurt (curd) and lemon juice gives it a tangy and slightly sour flavour. To make it, yoghurt, water, cumin powder, chopped mint leaves, and roasted bajra (pearl millet) flour are combined. After blending until smooth, chill this mixture. Bajre ka chaas is a refreshing, nourishing drink that aids in digestion, hydration, and beating the summer heat.

3. Jowar Kanji:

Jowar kanji is a traditional drink made from millet that is great for hot summer days because of its cooling and refreshing qualities. It tastes earthy and slightly acidic, and its consistency is thin and porridge-like.

It is made by cooking jowar (sorghum) flour with water until it thickens, letting it cool, then adding buttermilk, salt, and seasonings such as pepper and cumin. Jowar kanji is a tasty way to beat the summer heat and is nutrient-dense, aiding in digestion and bodily hydration.

4. Kodo Millet Milkshake:

The Kodo Millet Milkshake is a creamy beverage with a mild, nutty flavour that is both delightful and nourishing. To make it, purée cooked and cooled kodo millet, milk, sugar, or honey, and a small amount of cardamom powder. This millet-based beverage is a great summertime option because it's high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It is a tasty way to add millets to your diet, helps with digestion, gives you energy, and keeps you hydrated.

5. Kutki Drink:

Kutki drink is a popular summertime millet-based beverage that is both refreshing and nourishing. It tastes nutty and slightly sweet, with a trace of earthiness. To make it, soak the foxtail millet (kutki) overnight, then blend it with water until the liquid is extracted. To enhance the taste and sweetness, squeeze in some lemon or honey. Kutki drink is a great way to beat the summer heat because it's hydrating, nutrient-rich, and helps cool the body.

6. Ragi Ambali:

Ragi ambali, a traditional South Indian beverage made from finger millet, is well-known for its distinct flavour and cooling qualities, which make it ideal for summertime. It is acidic and slightly sour, with a faint earthiness from the ragi (finger millet).

It is made by mixing ragi flour with water, cooking it until it thickens, cooling it down, and then diluting it until it has the consistency of buttermilk. Rich in nutrients, ragi ambali helps with digestion, hydrates the body, and provides a good defence against summer heat.

7. Foxtail Millet Juice:

The juice from foxtail millet has a subtle sweetness and a nutty taste. To make it, soak the foxtail millet for a whole night, then combine it with water, filter it, then taste and adjust with a little honey or lemon.

Because of its hydration qualities, high vitamin content, and cooling effect, this millet-based beverage is perfect for summer. It serves as a cool, healthful substitute for sugary drinks in hot weather, helps prevent dehydration, and replenishes electrolytes.

8. Coconut Zomkom:

From Nagaland, India, comes a traditional millet-based beverage called Coconut Zomkom. It is prepared by fermenting finger millet, or ragi, with water and grated coconut. After leaving the combination to ferment for the entire night, the mixture produces a drink that is mildly sweet, somewhat acidic, and slightly coconut-flavoured.

This drink's cooling and moisturising qualities make it especially well-liked in the summer. It is a cooling and nourishing option during the hot season because it helps fight heat, restore electrolytes, and supply vital nutrients.