Japan’s Limited Edition Ramen Sneakers Take Internet By Storm
Image Credit: Image: Instagram

Bizarre food trends have been taking the internet by storm, and it looks like there is no end to it anytime soon. And if fusion food trends were not enough, brands have now started to combine wearables with food too. Didn’t you hear about the sneakers that contain actual beer? Yes, that was a thing. But we guess, it’s time to move on from it, as now we have ramen sneakers to drool over. Yes, you read that right. With Japanese cuisine taking over the world, it comes as no surprise that it is subject to a lot of experimentation too. 

Did you know that in 2021, Google recognised Japanese cuisine as one of the most searched cuisines globally? Be it the classic sushis, matcha, or gyozas, the cuisine has so many delightful recipes that you’ll be spoilt with choice. Ramen is one such popular recipe of Japanese cuisine that has a fan following of its own, across the world. Ramen is a soupy dish, with broth topped with wheat noodles, vegetables, meat, and seasoning - such as miso and soy. It is a comforting dish that is tasty and wholesome. Owing to its popularity, recently, Reebok launched its new limited-edition sneakers that are based on the global love for ramen. Take a look:

 Looks interesting, doesn’t it? The sports brand has collaborated with Japanese retailer, Atmos, to release a pair of ramen sneakers, called ‘Baby Star Ramen Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers’. With a yellow and red detailing, similar to the popular ‘Baby Star Ramen’ from Japan, the sneakers also feature ramen noodles prominently on the sides and the soles of the design.

The caption on the product reads, ‘Classic Leather Shoe’. It’s a running shoe first made in 1983. The product is known for high functionality, and is also extremely fashionable. The ‘classic leather’ shoes are made with suede and textured leather. The colour is reminiscent of the package of ‘Baby Star Ramen’. The sneakers are irresistible for ramen-lovers due to their intricate details. “The insole has a logo that symbolises the triple collaboration in the noodle pattern, making it a special pair that is irresistible for sneaker lovers and ‘Baby Star Ramen’ fans,” the brand added.

Reebok has also changed its logo to ‘Ramen’ for this limited-edition sneaker, which is currently available only in Japan through an online lottery system, running from August 29 until September 2, 2022. These can also be purchased online at the Atmos store from September 3. The price of these ramen sneakers is 13,200Yen or ₹7,690 approximately.