Jaipur Chicken Curry: Fiery Of Chillies In Goodness Of Chicken
Image Credit: Get Curried/ Youtube

Especially on Sundays, there would be no Indian household that will stop from relishing a scrumptious chicken curry. While the usual style of preparing the chicken curry involves cooking the chicken in tomato, onions, and a bunch of spices. Also, the fact remains that every region of India has its own unique style of preparing chicken. Coming from Jaipur is the hot Chicken Curry which is rich in the heat of regional dry red chillies. Of course, the addition of abundant onion and tomato brings in the thick texture of the curry to this Jaipur Chicken Curry as well as the extra throwing off the black pepper.

From The Rajput Royal Courts To Indian Households

It was during the Mughal rule in India that various dishes were introduced. With the Royal chefs wanting to invent new cuisines every day to impress the King, there were always variations in the existing dishes. It was on one of these experimenting sprees that royal chefs would stumble upon the discovery of chicken curry.

As the recipe travelled to other parts of the country the Jaipury touch was the dry red chillies. As for the Jaipur Chicken Curry, it was at the Rajput kitchens that added the touch of regional dry red chillies.


For the Yoghurt Paste:

    1 tbsp Cumin Seeds

    2-3 tbsp Curd

    1 tsp Coriander Seeds Powder

    1 tsp Red Chilli Powder

Preparation of the Gravy:

    2 tbsp Oil

    2 Bay Leaves

    4 Green Cardamom Pods

    1 Black Cardamom Pod

    10-12 Cloves

    1 tbsp finely chopped Ginger

    1 tbsp finely chopped Garlic

    2 finely chopped Onions

    5 Red Chillies, soaked in hot water

    1/2 cup Tomato Purée


    500 gms Chicken

    1 tsp Turmeric Powder

    1 tsp Garam Masala Powder

    Hot Water 

For Seasoning:


    1 tsp Black Pepper Powder

For Tempering:

    2 tbsp Oil

    5-6 Cloves

    3 Dry Red Chillies

For Garnish:

    Fresh Cream

    Coriander Leaves


    Over medium heat place a pan. Add cumin seeds and dry roast them until the colour changes.

    Transfer the cumin seeds to a bowl. Add curd, coriander powder, and red chilli powder. Mix all nicely and keep it aside.

    To the pan over medium heat place a pan. Pour oil, and then add bay leaf, cardamom pods, a small piece of cinnamon, and a few cloves. Let the whole spices splutter.

    To this add ginger and garlic. Let it sauté for a while and then add chopped onions and keep sautéing until they become translucent and soft.

    To this add the dry red chillies and sauté for a few minutes. Now add the tomato puree and salt. Mix this and cook until the tomato puree changes colour.

    Now add the chicken. To this add turmeric powder and garam masala. Mix all and let it simmer for about five to six minutes.

    Now add water, cover and cook for five minutes. Uncover and add the curd masala and mix well. Adjust the salt as required, add black pepper powder. Mix and let it simmer.   

    On another pan over medium heat pour oil. Add cloves and dry red chillies. Fry it for some time and then pour over the chicken. Serve.  

This greasy spicy Jaipur Chicken Curry is a great break from the usual tomato and onion chicken curry. It is the addition of dry red chillies that make this chicken curry stand out. Serve it with Paratha or Poori, there can be no one way to relish this curry.