Jadoh, Mawkdok Maggi And More: 5 Local Dishes You Must Try In Shillong
Image Credit: Facebook/@Subash Sharma and @ShillongAdvisor; a view of scenic Shillong

The ‘Scotland of the East’ is what Shillong is fondly called by tourists and locals alike. A traveller’s paradise, the capital city of Meghalaya is one the most frequented destinations in Northeast India. Majestic mountains, stunning locales, cherry blossoms, fruit wines and some yummy local delicacies are among the factors that lead to a huge footfall in the hill station every year. Rice and meat based curries are the cornerstone of the diverse Khasi cuisine, but when you are in Shillong, you must also try some of the other popular eats that add a unique flavour to your overall experience in the city. 

We have drawn up a quick list of a few local dishes that you can taste if you are planning a trip to the travel hotspot this summer.

Instagram/@streetsofshillong; Jadoh


1. Jadoh

The word ja means rice and doh means meat. It would probably not be wrong to say that Jadoh is the cornerstone of traditional Khasi food culture. It’s a unique rice dish that many also find similar to Biryani. Jadoh is prepared in meat stock (pork, chicken or fish), with chunks of meat in it. It is often enjoyed with seasonal vegetables as sides and other local dishes such as Doh Sniang Neiiong, Phan Sdieh and Tungtap.

Instagram/@myyellowplate; Mawkdok Maggi


2. Mawkdok Maggi

If you think that the record that Cherrapunjee holds of being one of the wettest places in the world is the only thing worth knowing about it, we’ll tell you more. Sohra’s Mawkdok Bridge (Duwan Singh Syiem Bridge) is also well-known for a quirky food story that attracts scores of visitors to the popular tourist spot every year. The ‘Mawkdok Maggi Shop’ serves a hot and delicious bowl of noodles with cheese on top - a perfect companion as you soak in the breathtakingly beautiful views of the blue mountain amid the rainy weather. 

Instagram/@hopestudiocreations; Putharo Dohjem


3. Putharo Dohjem

Another culinary gem of the state, Putharo Dohjem is a favourite breakfast dish among the local people. Putharo is a pillowy flatbread prepared using rice flour. It tastes the best with Dohjem - a meaty curry cooked with onions, black pepper and sesame seeds. This is mostly a winter delight, and is usually served as a snack with tea.

Instagram/@the.showntell; Pu Saw

The traditional cake of Khasi people, Pu Saw goes perfectly with the evening cuppa. It’s a sweet red-rice cake which is usually baked in a traditional clay oven. Those freshly baked and supplied from the villages of Mawkyrwat and Mairang are said to be the best varieties of this cake. Pu Saw is available in two types - plain and special. The common ingredients of the cake include orange rind and eggs.