Jackie Shroff Wins PETA’s Most Beautiful Vegetarian Celebrity

In what has been a clean-sweep win for Jackie Shroff, with the highest number of votes as the vegetarian celebrity of the masses, PETA’s latest award has only been a feather on his cap. The actor, who is most known for being affable and championing an environmentally friendly lifestyle, expressed his gratitude at being acknowledged for his healthy living habits. Often spotted carrying a plant to special events or occasions where he presents them as gifts, Jackie has been a pioneer in his social welfare work over the last few years.

From organising health camps and providing training that could be life-saving and beneficial for others, the Mast Mein Rehne Ka actor surpassed previous winners – John Abraham and Anushka Sharma – to bag the prestigious title. Thanking PETA for the laurel, Jackie also expressed that a healthy lifestyle and vegetarianism have been welcome choices in his life – only helping him further what he has always believed in. As one of the first few people in the business who also endorsed the idea of farm-to-table eating, we’ve listed down some classic Jackie Shroff delicacies that have had netizens fawn over him twice over!

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Brinjal Bharta

In Jackie’s version of the popular North Indian delicacy, whole eggplants are stuffed with whole green chillies and garlic before it is flame-roasted. Once the charred skin has been peeled off, the eggplant – along with the chillies and garlic – are mashed to a homogenous consistency and finished off with a touch of mustard oil.

Kanda Bhindi Sookha

This simple preparation is exactly what it promises to be – diced onions and lady fingers cooking in their own juices over a low flame, until soft and cooked through. Jackie believes in the bare minimum seasoning, often only adding a touch of salt and a clove of garlic to enhance the flavour.


Yet another testament to Shroff’s minimal cooking is this pumpkin stir fry recipe that simply involves cooking cubes of orange pumpkin in a tempering of cumin seeds, curry leaves and salt – with a sliced green chilli on top. The recipe also demands that the vegetable remain untouched, cooking in its steam once the pan has been covered with a lid.