Every festivity comes with their set of specialties that’s bound to make the season more flavourful. All iconic foods that make to a vital part of the holiday menus, are fully ingrained in the culture of the holiday, and although used in various ways at different latitudes, they all tend to be eaten solely during this time of the year. Each dish sees There are plenty of legends that have been associated with it over the years. 

Monique's Pain d'epices - Gingerbread


Chef Maxime of Monique Patisserie who is known for infuses local seasonal fruits into his Christmas special goodies adds “ this year we are having quiet a few Chirmas signatures like Galette des Rois, Sugar frosted Madelines, gingerbread cookies but Les bûches de Noël or 'Yule log', traditional French Christmas dessert which takes the shape of a 'piece of wood' hence the name (log) is one of my favourite. The origin is linked with the winter solstice; for the longest night of the year, the family would burn a long piece of wood that would keep them warm and united. In the recent centuries, that tradition was brought to the table, taking the shape of a rolled cake to be cut, as a lumberjack would cut a log. Monique's menu offers a choice of two 'Bûches de Noël', with two different flavour profiles: Belgium style' in Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel”. 

It's great to see how Christmas dinner traditions around the world vary little by little in accordance to the wide and rich variety of cultures that is present across the globe. If in Italy taly, seven fishes grace their table then in Puerto Rican celebrations are mostly centered around a whole roast suckling pig called lechon, while moving to Sweden they serve an array of pickled herring, cured salmon, meatballs, paté and sides called the julbord to fill that big appetite of yours. 

The Festive Season in the West starts with the pre-Christmas and Christmas observations and ends with the celebration of the New Year and the epiphany. Centuries of tradition in various European countries, largely influenced by their climate and cultures have given life to an array of seasonal products which L’Opéra offers during this period to its customers.

The Gingerbread Men Biscuit is the favourite of children and adults during the festive period. It is a honey-based biscuit that appeared in Europe in the Middle-Ages and is traditionally offered during the Christmas season. The Galette des Rois, a very French specialty, which has sister products in Spain and Portugal, is a flaky pastry pie filled with frangipane, a butter rich smooth mixture of almond and pastry cream with a little surprise figurine hidden somewhere in the cake reminiscent of the Kings who paid their respect to baby Jesus and brought offerings and celebrates the epiphany. Two other products mark the Festive season. The Classic Fruit Cake and the the famous Madeleine, one being very British product, while the other comes from region of Lorraine, north-east of France. Both are available with us in flavours are vanilla, chocolate and pistachio” confirms Laurent Samandari, CEO and Co-Founder of L’Opéra

And list of Christmas goodies goes endless when you are looking to looking to fill your table with favorites this holiday season, there’s no dearth of treat to pile up. From Galatte to Brioche with huge pink pralines to Yule log it won’t be wrong to say that charm of the festive season lies in its sweet treats. 

Plum cake - Flurys 


“At Flurys we have our specialties like the our dundee cakes, gingerbread cookies/house, mince pies, plum pudding, yule log and more which literally is the tradition. We have a Christmas special lunch and dinner menu too, apart from the confectionery goodies. We have always had people coming from all parts of the city and outside too, to buy these Christmas special goodies. It's heartening to see people look forward to this time of the year to celebrate Christmas in a big way in the city.," said Rajesh Kumar Singh, Director, Flurys

Most of these so-called old-fashioned tradition see that all Christmas stories and carols are sprinkled with references to the much sweeter side of the traditional meal. Not to miss even Santa Claus himself has been known to enjoy a Christmas cookie from time to time.

Plum Pudding - Welcomhotel Sheraton New Delhi  

 “At ITC Hotels, we offer all savoury and sweet line-up of treats you could ever want during the festive season. There are so many wonderful choices including Dundee Cake, Panettone and Gugelhupf. Everyone has their own special recipe and that’s what makes Christmas so special. We prefer to stay traditional and offer classics that embody Christmas.” Executive Chef, Gaurav Lavania at Welcomhotel Sheraton New Delhi

From some Gumdrops, figgy pudding and sugar plums it’s the season of joy and happiness.