It’s Egg All The Way To A Bengali Plate
Image Credit: Deem is bae for most Bengalis

There’s nothing “Egg-xaggerated” Enough when we see the variety of ways eggs are played in Bengali cuisine. Just like a Parsi loves their eggs, Bengali’s are not far behind. It won’t be wrong to say that every Bengali family has that one member who swears by a Deem seddho each morning. Deem is bae for most Bengalis. Be it for just for breakfast or having it as a curry a bong seems to share a great love affair with eggs.  

Don’t miss on the health benefit that eggs have to offer from being rich in proteins and vitamin B2, to help in lowering bad cholesterol and are rich in number of vitamins and minerals which help in providing energy to the body.

Dimer Dalna

This recipe whose middle name can be comfort sees boiled eggs that lightly coated in salt and turmeric and then mildly fried till they turn golden. That nice golden crust that it forms makes it more alluring. This happens to be one the most loved dish. This Bengali ggg and potato curry is bound to make anyone happy. The gravy is vibrant, light and just perfect to coat the egg and potato pieces. If you want to take it one notch higher make it with those Duck Eggs. The richness of onion, tomato, and ginger garlic cooked to that level of perfection is ultimate bliss. 

Dimer Devil

Don’t confuse this with the devilled eggs, they may sound similar but they taste and look so where same. In reality it’s much closer to reality Nargisi kofta. A simple devil egg with see half an egg that has been encased in a spicy wrapping of potato and fried to utter guilt. A dish that makes for one of the most desirable dish on street-side stalls in Calcutta, if you step inside a cabin of old time the eggs will be seen heartily coated with minced meat cooked with spices. The whole thing is then dipped in eggs again and coated with breadcrumbs. Served with kasundi, and a simple salad of onions, cucumber and beetroot this makes for a great evening snack

Sorshe Dim

Think eggs and there are various way a Bengali can bring it to the table. Dim Shorshe, literally translated to Egg cooked in mustard. Hard boiled eggs cooked in the pungent mustard seeds paste give that nice rich texture making it a creamy mustard egg curry. Not much chopping or much peparation required, this dish can actullay be made in a jiffy. If looking to give it a facelift one can even add few spoons of curd or even posto seeds paste. This makes for a great dish to go with hot steam rice.  

Omlette Jhol / Omelette er Torkari

If you are bored of eating eggs then this Omelette er Torkari comes to rescue. It’s a much simple yet flavorful curry that’s cooked with egg omelette , a dish that goes perfect with paratha. The gravy that’s kinda a little thick sees fluffy omelettes chut into pieces and boiled/roasted potatoes that are cooked along with the curry. This comforting dish sees minimal effort. Don’t forget Mustard Oil makes for that one essential ingredient in making this curry. This dish can be doable even by an amateur. 

Dim Posto

A rich thick egg curry cooked with poppy seeds or posto is an absolute delight. Posto can facelift any dish and mixed with eggs it’s sheer delight. There’s nothing else that goes into this dish except for some few green chilies so add to the fire. This easy to make and delicious dish pairs perfect with hot steam rice.