Is Tofu Really Healthy? Let Us Find Out

We all have come across tofu at least once in a lifetime. Soymilk coagulated with the help of acids, salts or enzymes to form curds, makes tofu. The curds are then pressed into blocks and packaged for being sold in the market. Talking about soybean ‘curds’ this may sound gross but looks and tastes the simplest. It is and has been staple for vegetarians, especially the health-conscious people. Did you know that people in China have been making and eating tofu for over 2000 years now? Well, this is the fact! 

Tofu is a plant-based alterative to animal protein and beneficial for health because it is free of cholesterol as well as saturated fat, which is found in high content in animal protein. Besides, it is low in calories and high in proteins. It is also power packed with minerals like iron and works great for people suffering from iron deficiency. Wanna about the health benefits of tofu in detail? Here you go! 

Prevents Heart Related Diseases 

Soybeans are known for promoting better heart health. Since tofu is made up of soymilk, it helps in retaining heart friendly features and prevents heart related diseases. Tofu has isoflavones which reduces inflammation within the blood vessels and prevents heart complications. 

Lowers Cholesterol Levels 

Tofu has saponins compounds which reduces LDL levels in the body and promotes the removal of bile acids. Besides, it also helps in increasing the blood lipid usage in the process.  

Prevents Osteoporosis Risk 

Those who don’t know, osteoporosis is a bone disorder which mostly affects the women post their menopause. Tofu, because of its isoflavone content, protects the bone tissues and prevents bone loss. One should definitely have tofu in the diet for better results.  

Eradicates Anemia 

Anemia is a common problem among children and happens because of iron deficiency. Since tofu is a great source of iron, it helps in the blood building process and eradicates anemia from the root. Not just this, it also benefits the body because of its blood building vitamins and minerals. 

High Protein Source 

Tofu is an excellent source of protein and is a boon for vegans. Tofu and soy protein contains all eight amino acids and are beneficial to men as well as women. It helps in improving the recovery after training and workout sessions. Besides, it also enhances the muscle hyper trophy. 

These were the top benefits of tofu but consulting a doctor before jumping onto any conclusion is a must. For some people, high tofu consumption can affect normal androgen function. But consumption of tofu in little quantity from time to time, can surely benefit the body.