‘Is This The Future?’ ‘Cat Robot’ Serves Sushi At This Canada Restaurant
Image Credit: Image: Freepik`

We have seen a lot of transformation in the past two years in the field of hospitality. The convergence of restaurants with science and technology has given us many interesting concepts – from new-age machinery to molecular gastronomy, the trends keep changing and are simply transcending for the better. The way the restaurant industry has transformed itself in the post-pandemic era, with social distancing and contactless dining in their own unique way, is worth vouching for.  

Now with robots coming into the picture in many countries, the idea of having an automated server is no longer an alien or foreign concept. In fact, it is slowly becoming a reality in many parts of the world. Restaurants are coming up with new age technologies to minimise the need for human staff, and so we can find robot waiters or inventive apps that can be operated by the customer.  

In the latest such news, a restaurant in Ottawa, Canada, has come up with an adorable cat robot that serves sushi and more in a rather intriguing way. Hockey Sushi, a restaurant located in the West End of the capital city of Canada, serves a variety of Japanese rolls, sushi and a couple of Chinese delights on their menu. The restaurant is quite popular and one would need to make a reservation prior to your visit. In addition to that they also offer an option to book an all-you-can-eat offer from their menu.  

The spin happens when your order is ready. The robot server, named Bella, will bring the order to your table. Bella follows a set path based on the restaurant’s setup, and can carry multiple plates for different restaurant tables at once. With its cat-like appearance, the adorable robot smiles and even announces your order, according to NarCity. 

Once you press ‘finish’, it goes away to complete the next order. In a video posted on Instagram by user ‘mom.eh’, we could see the whole process of a user placing an order for a spicy salmon sushi on the machine, and soon after the cat-robot arrived at the table, with a plate of it on one of its shelves. Take a look:

"Getting served by a robot is so much fun! The kids absolutely loved that! Is that the future?” the Instagram user wrote in the caption. The internet users loved the idea of the cat robot serving delicious Sushi with a smile. "Getting served by a robot is so much fun! The kids absolutely loved that!,” wrote one user. Another one thought that this was a great way to get rid of extra tips to waiters. "Say bye-bye to the service charge now." 

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