Is Strawberry Milkshake Bad For You? A Nutritionist Weighs In

If you experience digestive stress or a certain heaviness in the stomach after you consume a strawberry milkshake, this drink may not be for you. Turns out, this popular drink can lead to some side effects since strawberry is a citric fruit and ble ending it with dairy can cause certain chemical reactions. Ayurvedic health coach and author Dimple Jangda took to Instagram to break down some side effects that come with strawberry milkshakes.

The sugar content in strawberries goes up as they ripen, says the health coach. “Strawberry is a citric fruit. As strawberries ripen, their sugar content rises from about 5% in unripe green fruit to 6-9% on ripening. The acidity comes mainly from citric acid, which comprises about 88% of the acid content, along with salicylic acid, malic acid, and ellagic acid. Whereas milk contains lactic acid, which reacts with citric acid. When you make a strawberry milkshake, cover it and leave it aside for a few hours. check again, you will notice it has turned rancid,” Jangda explained in her video.

The expert also talked about the pH level of strawberries and milk and how it affects the drink.  “In accordance with their pH level, strawberries are acidic. The pH range for strawberries is usually 3 to 3.5. A pH value between 0 and 6.99 is regarded as acidic. The number is more acidic the closer it approaches to 0. Whereas milk has a pH level close to 7, and it’s considered neutral in nature,” she said.

Jangda compared a strawberry milkshake with other citrus-dairy combinations and how citrus fruits are rarely combined with milk. “Mixing milk with sour and citrus fruits or ingredients is a strict “No’’ this is because the presence of vitamin C and citric acid in sour foods like strawberries, orange and lemon when combined with milk can coagulate. It can lead to acid reflux, heartburn, upset stomach and allergies, chest congestion, and cold cough,” Jangda broke down.

She further added, “When you mix lemon with milk, it starts coagulating immediately, and you can separate the cottage cheese and consume it. It’s healthy because you are consuming this after the coagulation process is done. Vs strawberry and milk coagulates slowly and continues to do so in our system? after we have consumed it, which is why some people who have a sensitive gut will experience indigestion, bloating, or burning sensation.”