Is It Okay To Consume Sweets Before Meal? What Does Ayurveda Say
Image Credit: Unsplash

Now that the meal is finished, it's time for something sweet. This is a typical diet practice practised by many people across countries and cultures. Even a formal meal begins with appetisers or soups and concludes with desserts. Ayurveda, on the other hand, believes that eating a spoonful of dessert before a meal is necessary for enhanced nutrient absorption and digestion. According to Ayurveda, the timing of sweets and a state of mindfulness during meals either promotes ama (toxicity) or ojas (vitality). As a result, it is critical to understand when and what to eat, as well as to monitor eating patterns.

It is usually said in Ayurveda to start your meal with a 'Madhur Rasa,' which does not mean that you should have a Gulab Jamun or a Rasgulla before your meal. Natural sugar can be found in rice and wheat. So, when we say 'Madhur Rasa,' we don't mean eating sweets before a meal, but rather eating some nutritious carbs like wheat, rice, or even barley. Food should be eaten in this order only: carbs first, then the rest of the meal, and always conclude with an astringent like Chaach or Buttermilk to aid digestion. An astringent can help your body absorb the healthy nutrients from your food while cleaning out the negative pollutants.

Do you want to know why to add desserts to your meals to improve your health, vitality, and energy levels? We'll give you six compelling reasons to do so.

  1. It is well known that eating sweets before a meal stimulates the taste buds.
  2. Because sweets are heavy in calories, they take longer to digest.
  3. Eating sweets before a meal causes the body to release digestion hormones.
  4. Desserts eaten after a meal might disrupt the digestive process and create indigestion.
  5. Eating sweets after a meal may also cause gas and bloating.