Idli Burger: Is It An Idli, Is It A Burger? Try And Tell
Image Credit: Instagram @slurrpapp | Is It An Idli, Is It A Burger? You Have To Try This Fun Fusion Recipe To Tell

Fusion recipes are all the rage now, but we all know that it is a risky region to tread. Sometimes, it can yield successful results, sometimes cringe-worthy combinations like Pastry Pakoda and Rooh-Afza Maggi also come to the surface to haunt us. But this Idli burger is certainly one delightful fusion experiment that will be loved by everyone in your family.  

This recipe is sure an interesting way to serve your idli and vada. Idli is a soft and puffy, steamed rice cake that is an immensely popular South Indian breakfast. While rice batter is the traditional batter used to make idlis, sometimes batters of lentils and millets are also used to make these. Idli is one of the oldest known South Indian foods and has now found fans across the globe. It is usually paired with sambhar and chutney, but in this novel recipe by Slurrp Community member and homechef Chirag Thakur, it is being used as a bun. And the contents of this desi bun include a chana dal vada, kara chutney and a quick salad made with carrots, onions and lemons. Use this idli burger as a party slider, evening snack, or a full meal, the choice is yours.  

Watch the recipe video here.  

Here's the complete recipe


  • Idli batter (1 cup)
  • Soaked channa dal (1cup)
  • Oil for greasing and frying
  • Carrot, onion, lemon (or vegetable of your choice for salad)
  • Onion (one small size), garlic (2cloves), ginger (1 inch) and fee curry leaves
  • Salt (as per the taste), roasted cumin seeds (1/4tsp) and turmeric powder (1/4tsp)
  • Kaara chutney (it is blend of onion, red dried chilli, kashmiri red chilli garlic clove and salt. Topped with the tadka of mustard seeds and curry leaves)
  • Ghee
  • Idli podi


  1. Grind soaked chana dal
  2. Add onion, ginger, garlic, curry leaves.
  3. Then add roasted cumin seeds, salt and turmeric. Then add some rice flour
  4. Combine using hands until you get a thick dough. Make a round-shaped vada using the dough.
  5. Fry the vada from both sides till it is brown and crisp.
  6. Grease the idli utensil. You can use a flat bowl. Add kalonji seeds
  7. Pour idli batter and steam.
  8. When your idli bun is ready, slice it in two halves horizontally.
  9. Slather ghee and idli podi on the insides of the bun.  
  10. Place the vada in the centre
  11. In another plate combine sliced carrots, onions, lemon juice and salt.
  12. Now spread some kara chutney on top of the vada, top it up with the little salad you just made.  
  13. Place the other half of the bun on top.
  14. Slice the idli in half and serve hot.  

Sounds fun right? How about trying it today. Do not forget to share the pictures with us.