Is Corn Good For Weight Loss? Know Its Benefits; Recipes Inside

Monsoon not only brings a soothing relaxation from the scorching heat but also brings a variety of seasonal delights. Corn is one such fresh produce that is widely enjoyed during the rainy season. Being rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, it is commonly relished as roasted corn on the cob, chaats, soups and pakoras. But did you know, this healthy and tasty ingredient is also an ideal addition to your weight loss diet? Yes, you read it right.  

Here are three reasons to add corn in your weight loss diet: 

Low In Calories 

It is always recommended to add low calorie food to your diet if you are trying to lose weight and corn perfectly fits into this condition. According to Healthline, one cup of corn has approximately 177 calories. Just make sure you go for whole corn and not the processed corn products. This grain can also become a part of your gluten-free diet. 

High In Nutrients 

In addition to being low in calories, corn is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals like magnesium and potassium. According to WebMD, this grain is good for eye health and several heart-related issues along with weight loss. The potassium present in them helps in boosting metabolism that contributes to weight loss. 

Loaded With Soluble Fibre 

Along with other vitamins and minerals, this healthy grain is also high in soluble fibres that helps in shedding those extra kilos. The fibre present in them prevents fat accumulation around the belly and also keeps your stomach full for a long time. This stops you from overeating which is good for weight loss.  

If you also want to make this monsoon delight a part of your weight loss journey, here are two recipes for you: 

Sweet Corn Chaat 

Sweet corn chaat is a delectable Indian snack that is a combination of sweet, tangy and spicy flavour. Made with sweet corn kernels, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, this chaat is seasoned with lemon juice, chaat masala, chilli powder and coriander leaves. Prepared within no time, it is perfect to curb your untimely hunger without adding any extra kilos to your body. 

Sweet Corn Soup 

Sweet corn soup is a delightful and comforting dish that not only makes your taste buds happy but is also good for weight loss. With its creamy texture and subtle sweetness, it goes well for every meal. It is made by cooking corn with onions, garlic, and low-fat milk. For enhancing its taste and flavour, you can also add your favourite spices and herbs.