IPL 2024 Mumbai Indians: Diet Secrets Of The Team Revealed
Image Credit: Mumbai Indians/ Instagram

Amid the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL), most fans are curious about what their favourite athletes eat to stay fit and on top of their game. Reliance-owned Mumbai Indians is one such team that has always enjoyed a loyal fan base. From Hardik Pandya to Rohit Sharma, the players continue to witness a large number of spectators turning up for every match to support them.

Catering Collective, a unit of K Hospitality and the official catering partner for Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, designed the menu for the players keeping each of their requirements in mind. 

Before heading out for any match, every cricket team participates in rigorous practice sessions for which what they eat plays a crucial role in boosting their energy and keeping them active on the field. Here is a closer look at the culinary adventures of the players of Mumbai Indians.

When Team Arrives

For the IPL, the teams continue to travel across India. From one city to another, it is crucial that the meals of players are taken care of so that they can remain in the best of their health. When the team arrives in a new city, here is what the menu on arrival looks like,


After a hectic journey, the team players are served delightful refreshments like coconut water with chia and basil seeds, nimboo pani (lemonade) with rock salt, ginger, honey, lemon, chia seeds, and basil seeds, and ABC juice comprising apple, celery, carrot, beetroot, lemon, ginger, and rock salt. 


For snacks, the athletes have a choice to opt for vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan food. The menu includes paneer kathi rolls made with makai wrap to avoid gluten. For non-vegetarians, have the choice to devour chicken rolls made with delicious filling and makai wrap. Both these options have dairy-based ingredients as well. Apart from this, the players can also opt for watermelon feta salad that includes fresh ingredients.


The players are given the choice to load their bodies with fresh fruits. Not only do they help to hydrate the body in the scorching heat but also replenish the body with electrolytes. The list includes bananas, apples, pears, mosambi, pineapple, kiwi, melons, oranges, berries, plums, grapefruit, cherries, and peach. No other fruits are added to the list


On the day of arrival, the cricketers are served dinner by 8pm. This includes fresh papaya salad, mini meals with Indian dishes, and meal combinations keeping Continental tastes in mind. Mini meals for Indian palates include dishes like sukha chana masala (gluten and dairy-free), mixed vegetables with paneer cubes, steamed rice, green moong dal (gluten and dairy-free, vegan), chapati (no roomali roti, naan, maida, or paratha), and curd. 

For athletes with preferences for Continental meals, they can choose from grilled fish cooked in black bean sauce (dairy and gluten-free), aglio-e-olio pasta (dairy-free), vegetables and tofu sauteed in Asian spices (gluten and dairy-free), and honey-glazed chicken with vegetables (gluten and dairy free). 

During the session, the cricketers enjoy accompaniments like unsweetened and unflavoured yoghurt, hard-boiled eggs, salted nuts, seasonal fruits, different varieties of milk, dried fruits, cheese, masala tea, black coffee, green tea, spreads, multigrain or sourdough bread slices, and salted nuts.