International Tea Day: 4 Yummy Infused Teas You Should Try Soon
Image Credit: | It is the International Tea Day Today

International Tea Day is celebrated each year on the 21st May.  The day is aimed to promote and encourage tea-producing countries, and the people involved in the cultivation of tea. Growing tea is a labour-intensive task. Besides, it is also dependent on various other factors such as season or global warming, or trade practices that often make it difficult for small-time tea plantation owners to make a profit. To raise awareness and promote sustainable production and consumption of tea, the UN General Assembly designated 21st May as the International Tea Day.  

Growing up in desi household, we are no strangers to tea or chai. We need it in the morning, we need it in the evening. But did you know that tea leaves cultivation began on a big scale only in the nineteenth century, after the British started exporting tea from India, challenging the Chinese monopoly on the beverage.  

Today, tea is one of the most beloved beverages across the world, and India, the second-largest Tea producing nation. Tea is relished in different avatars across the country. Some people like to brew it with heaps of spices such as cloves, cinnamon and black pepper known as Masala Chai. Some even like to add petals of flowers such as rose and marigold and mint leaves to chai. The addition of milk is completely optional, and so is the addition of sugar. You can brew your tea the way you want, but infusing it with spices and herbs is an age-old tradition we are known for and most nutritionists across the globe are rather approving of the practice. On the occasion of International Tea Day,  Amrita Pandey, Nutritionist, Trainer at Organic India says, “Over the years people have been drinking tea for numerous reasons be it for boosting their immune system, fighting off inflammation, and even warding off cancer and heart disease. Not only in the monsoons and winters but tea is also loved even during the summer season. Therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is an evergreen beverage”.  

She also listed down some of her favourite infused teas that are not only flavourful but also brimming with many health-benefitting properties.

Moringa Hibiscus Tea: Moringa is used widely in South Indian cuisine, while hibiscus flower is renowned for its colour, fragrance and religious significance, when both of them are combined together, they make a concoction so healthy that you wouldn’t want to miss. Enriched with iron and Vitamin C, this infused tea could help promote clear and glowing skin.

Chamomile Tea: The ever-so fragrant chamomile flower is known for helping reduce anxiety and stress naturally. In addition, it also has antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics that can help treat colds and other infections, as well as mend wounds and alleviate skin irritations. A simple glass of chamomile tea could also help manage insomnia.

Tulsi Peppermint Tea: Tulsi or basil is a prized herb in Ayurveda as well, it is used in many healing concoctions. While Tulsi is pretty refreshing in itself, peppermint, adds another layer of cooling, minty freshness. This is one tea, you can also drink cold to refresh the body, mind and spirit. It is the ideal drink for the long summer months.

Tulsi Detox Kahwa Tea: Green Tea, bounteous spices, herbs and rock salt mixed together will take you to the valleys of Kashmir where similar salty teas are commonplace. A well-made Kahwa helps to build immunity and also helps in relaxing.