International Hot And Spicy Food Day: All You Need To Know
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What good is food without a little bit of spice, and who better than us Indians to testify to this statement! Celebrating the impact of spices in our food is something that deeply complex dishes do all the time, and yet, dedicating a day to acknowledge its effect on cuisines, cultures and how it shapes the culinary heritage of a particular community is an important aspect of spices that don’t often get highlighted.

For lovers of hot foods and a hit of spice, the day also celebrates the health benefits of consuming fiery chillies, peppers, earthy-warm spices and the cuisines they are integral to. Think Indian, Thai, Carribean or Creole – where chillies and black pepper pack on the heat, giving each of these cuisines a distinct culinary identity that is unmissable. What’s even better is celebrating the day in your own small way: simply grab a handful of your favourite hot foods and enjoy them, with your family and friends.

The greatness of spices cannot just be attributed to the flavour they add to food, but also the benefits they bring as a result of the usage. For example, turmeric spice is known to be a phenomenal antioxidant whereas spicy green chillies are said to assist in fighting inflammation, contrary to what one might feel while consuming them. Ayurveda – the traditional science of medicine in India – also states that spices like ginger are said to be excellent digestives and cure for autoimmune diseases.

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Similarly, enjoying spicy foods from time to time is also known to be great for boosting metabolism – which is said to be one of the key factors in maintaining weight. Today’s day is not just about the Guntur chillies, Poblanos, Jalapenos and Bhut Jolokia – but also to celebrate chillies from across the globe – red cayenne, Guajillo, Serrano, Habanero, Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reapers. It is a day to celebrate the mild, medium and hot chillies and enjoy setting tastebuds ablaze!