International Coffee Restaurants Across India We Absolutely Love
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Recently Canadian coffee and fast-food chain Tim Hortons announced that it is set to open its first store in India. Starting with Delhi, the brand plans to expand across different cities. The news has definitely sent coffee lovers into a frenzy, as they just can’t wait to try the popular brand. The presence of so many coffee franchises in India has altered the coffee scene in the country. People rush to these cafes for their morning caffeine fix while on the move, or simply to hang out with friends. With so many coffee outlets across the country, let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones:  

1.    Starbucks 

We can't begin the list without mentioning Starbucks, which is one of the most well-known coffee chains in the world, as well as in India. Founded by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl in 1971 in the United States, Starbucks is like a second home for many coffee lovers in India. You will always find it full with either a group of friends or many people even working out of an outlet. Starbucks has carved itself a place in our hearts as a go to place. Some of the most popular items on the menu includes Espresso Macchiato, Latte, Frappuccinos, Cookies and Muffins.  

Location- Multiple outlets all over India 

Price for two- 800 INR(approx)  

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2.    Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is also a widely popular coffee chain in India. People love this place for its cozy ambience and strong coffee. Founded in 1963 by Herbert Hyman, this cafe has surely made its place in our life. You will always find its cafes bustling with youngsters, couples and even the elderly. This cafe provides such a comfortable atmosphere that you won’t want to get up from the chairs. This cafe is known for its ice blended beverages. Most popular items on the menu includes Cappuccino, Iced blended coffee, grilled chicken kulcha and pastas.  

Location- Multiple outlets 

Price for two- 800 INR (approx) 

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3.    Cinnabon   

Founded in 1985 in Washington, this place is famous for its Cinnamon rolls. People specially line up in these cafes to buy their cinnamon rolls with cream. Apart from the rolls, they also serve equally good other baked items like pretzels, cinnamon nuggets, chocobons etc. This is a place where people won't leave without buying at least one box of cinnamon rolls with their hot cups of coffee. Cinnamon rolls with cream, pretzels, cappuccino are some of the most popular items on the menu.  

Location- Multiple outlets.  

Price for two- 400 INR(approx)  

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4.    Dunkin donuts 

Founded in 1948 in Massachusetts by William Rosenberg. This cafe is very famous with high-schoolers and college students. Known for its combo of tasty donuts and cold coffee. This place will always be a favourite youngsters. Breakup party donut, chicken burger, hazelnut cold coffee are some of the popular items.  

Location- Multiple outlets. 

Price for two- 400 INR(approx)