Ale to Lager Are You Aware Of These Beer Types?

Raise a glass with us as we toast the world of beer on International Beer Day. From the earliest civilizations to the modern era of the craft beer movement, this cherished drink has always been an integral part of people's lives. Come explore with us the enticing world of beer, from its rich background and unique production methods to the many varieties that excite our palates. Each beer style, from light and crisp lagers to dark and roasty stouts and fruity IPAs, has its own distinct flavour profile. On this important day, we want you to raise a glass to the rich history that beer has brought to society throughout the ages, reflect on the process of brewing, and explore the components.  


Beer has been brewed for thousands of years, with traces of its manufacturing showing up in cultures as diverse as Mesopotamia and Egypt. Around 5,000 BCE, the Sumerians were one of the first to write down instructions for brewing on clay tablets. From its use in ancient Egyptian religious rituals to fueling the workers building the pyramids, beer has always played an important role in many societies. Monks in Mediaeval Europe contributed to the evolution of brewing methods. Beer's manufacture was further revolutionised by the industrial revolution, resulting in the wide variety of types that are now enjoyed around the world. 

Different types of beer you should know

India Pale Ale 

India Pale Ale (IPA) is a specific variety of beer that is distinguished by its hoppy aroma and bitter flavour. IPAs have emerged as a popular beverage choice all over the world since they were first brewed during the British colonial era with the intention of withstanding the lengthy journeys to India. IPAs offer a delicious variety of aromas and flavours that are produced from hops, and they do so by catering to a variety of preferences through the use of numerous substyles, including American, English, and New England. 


Lager, one of the most common styles of beer, is brewed at cooler temperatures. With its refreshingly light flavour, it's a popular pick among beer drinkers. Lagers are popular all around the world due to their light colour and subtle hop bitterness. Pilsner is an extremely popular lager variety due to its distinctive hop flavour 


Ale, a variety of beer, benefits from a longer fermentation time and higher temperatures, giving it a more complex and fruity flavour. It has been around for centuries and features a wide variety of design options because of this. Pale Ales are distinguished by their hoppiness, whereas Stouts are revered for their dark, deep flavour with hints of chocolate and coffee. Beer drinkers all around the world choose ales because of the variety of flavours and scents they offer. 

Wheat Beer 

Wheat beer, a refreshing beer style, is made by adding wheat to the brewing process in addition to the usual barley. Light and foggy in appearance, it has a crisp, clean flavour. In addition to its foggy appearance, hefeweizen is known for its fruity and spicy flavours, such as banana and clove, and its distinctive spiciness. The light, refreshing flavour of a wheat beer makes it a popular choice for the warmer months. 

Sour Beer 

The unique flavour of sour beer is achieved by adding wild yeast strains or bacteria to the brewing process. Its flavour is different from that of regular beer, yet it's still enjoyable. Classic sour beer styles include the Gose and the Berliner Weisse, which can range from mildly sour to extremely sour and often feature fruity or spicy overtones. Curious drinkers in search of a tart-sweet harmony love sour beer. 


The Czech Republic is the birthplace of Pilsner, a style of pale and golden lager beer. It has a distinct hoppy bitterness and a clean, refreshing flavour. Pilsner beers, which get their name from the Czech city of Pilsen, are known for their crisp, well-balanced taste. Beer lovers all over the world agree that these historic brews are among of the best because of their drinkability. 


Porter is a black beer style with a powerful flavour profile. Flavours of chocolate, coffee, and caramel can be detected in this brew thanks to the use of a variety of roasted malts. Porter, which was first brewed in London in the 18th century and has a storied history, is praised for its refined flavour and just the right amount of bitterness. People who are looking for a beer with a lot of flavour and body tend to gravitate towards this one because of its dark colour and complex flavour.