Instant Sabudana Dosa: Navratri Special

Dosas have been the speciality of South India. Apart from the South Indian states, its popularity exists all over the country. This one dish is loved by people from every corner as it holds a great taste and also is very healthy. Generally paired with sambar and coconut chutney, this dish has many variations. The batter is authentically made of rice and urad dal, soaked and then blended to ferment overnight. Though people have found a lot of substitutes for the traditional rice and dal batter. As per convenience, the batter could be made of rava which is easy to make, the ragi and the bajra batter (for weight loss), the  moong batter (healthier version). People started modifying the dish with different recipes. But one thing remains intact is the taste of dosa. The crispy, flaky outer layer tastes like heaven. 

Here, the batter of the dosa is made of sabudana. During Navratri fast, one could not take any food which is made of any kind of grain. Therefore sabudana or sago seeds, which are considered Satvik, give the perfect base to the dosa. It could easily be included as a vrat meal and sabudana itself has the crispy texture which gives the dosa a perfect, crisp layer. 

Sabudana, often referred to as tapioca pearl or sago, is a starch made from the tapioca plant's roots that has some nutritional benefits. Sago is a food with a lot of calories and important elements like fibre, proteins, calcium, and energy. Sabudana is free of gluten and a great alternative to grains and flour made from wheat. This diet, which is high in carbohydrates, aids in bone healing and the synthesis of important fat tissues.


For dosa batter-

1 cup Sabudana (soaked for 4hrs) 

½ cup Samak ke chawal (soaked for 20 mins)

2 tbsp Curd

Sendha namak to taste

Sugar a pinch

¼ cup Water

For filling-

3 tbsp Oil

1 tsp Cumin 

2 tsp Ginger chopped 

2 tsp Green chilli chopped

Curry leaf  few sprigs

1.5 Cup Potato boiled & mashed

Sendha namak to taste

Pepper powder a pinch

For chutney-

1 cup Coconut grated fresh

1 tsp Cumin Seeds

Curry leaf few sprigs

1 tbsp Anardana powder 

¼ Cup Mint Leaves

½ cup Coriander leaves

Sendha namak

2 tsp Green chilli chopped

2 tsp Ginger chopped 

¼ cup Water 


For the batter-

Drain all the water from sabudana and samak chawal. Now mix all ingredients and blend them in a grinder. Add some water if required. Make a thick but pouring consistency batter and keep aside

For the Filling-

Heat oil and add cumin, green chilli, ginger and stir. Add curry leaves and then add potato. Cook them for 3min with some salt and pepper powder. Add chopped coriander and remove aside

For the Chutney-

Add all ingredients with a dash of water and blend to a coarse paste. Remove and serve

For the Dosa-

Heat a non-stick pan and pour the batter in the centre. Spread it using the back of a ladle, let it cook, drizzle oil, add potato mixture and then fold the dosa

The instant sabudana dosa is ready to be served with hot chutney as a vrat meal during Navratri.