Instant Caramel Pudding: Caramel Pudding With An Opulent Taste
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Caramel Puddings are a beautifully tempting custard dessert with shiny golden caramel sauce pouring all over it. But have you ever thought of making one at home? No? Because the idea of cooking a presentable Caramel Pudding seems far-fetched? Well, the instant Caramel powder mix sold commercially makes it easy to prepare an ideal bowl of pudding with just milk. It's prepared in unbelievably four easy steps: layering the bowls with caramel sauce, preparing custard milk, then pouring this over the caramel sauce and refrigerating the dessert for 30 minutes to set. And lastly inverting this bowl to dig into the glazing dessert.

Difference Between Flan And Caramel Pudding

There are various similarities between Flan and Caramel pudding also called Crème caramel that needs to be known before knowing the differences. Firstly, the strikingly similar appearance of both with caramel on top and custard layer below it and secondly, both have their origin in Europe. Of the two kinds of puddings, Flan is older and believed to be a product of Roman cuisine, and is considered to be the predecessor of Caramel pudding that gained popularity in the 20th century. 

The differences between the two are not many but there are surely distinct ones. The flan is bigger in diameter than creme caramel, and the custard layer of the flan is not as thick as creme caramel. Further, flan can be both savoury and sweet, while a creme caramel has to be only sweet. Caramel pudding is also called Caramel dessert and even flan is a custard dessert with a thin layer of caramel sauce. Usually, it contains eggs, but an instant flan powder contains agar thickened with agar or carrageenan in place of eggs.

Preparation: 1 hour

Cooking: 10 minutes

Servings: 5-6


    ½ litre milk

    Instant Caramel Pudding mix with Caramel mix and Custard mix


    Cut the packet containing fluid caramel, and add it equally to the small bowls in which caramel pudding will be poured and left to be moulded.

    Spread the caramel evenly at the bottom of the bowls. Keep these bowls in the fridge until the milk syrup for pudding is prepared.

    In a pan, pour milk and cook it on medium heat by stirring slowly continuously until it comes to a boil.

    Then empty the contents of the custard mix into the milk. Keep stirring the milk continuously on a medium flame for 5 minutes and turn off the flame.

    Cool it under a fan, and keep stirring the milk until it becomes lukewarm so that malai is not formed in the milk.

    Then take out the bowls containing caramel from the fridge and pour milk syrup, with a ladle into the bowl. Take care to pour it from the sides of the bowl, and not directly in the centre as doing that will spoil the caramel.

    Refrigerate these bowls for 30 minutes.

    Take the bowls out after 30 minutes and serve them by covering them with a plate and then flipping them, holding them tightly with both hands.

This Instant Caramel Pudding can become the go-to dessert prepared in a few minutes when the guests show up unexpectedly. Try this one to happily surprise yourself by making an exquisite bowl of vegan Caramel Pudding.