Instagram Is Obsessed With Japanese Crochet Cakes; Know Why

Instagram can’t have enough of dreamy Japanese desserts! After chocolate bread and flavoured Dorayaki, the next Japanese dessert to go viral is crochet cake. It’s no secret that Osaka has a thriving dessert culture and a good balance of old school homegrown recipes and modern, fusion picks. Masahiko Ozumi Paris in Osaka is a gourmet patisserie that has released a new line of confections, in collaboration with the luxury clothing brand Pionunnal. 

The bakery has created a series of mini crochet cakes, inspired by Pionunnal’s ‘Nubi’ bag which is  designed as a piano lesson bag and has knitted elements. The crochet cakes incorporate a a traditional Korean quilting technique caled "Nubi" in a modern way. The crochet cakes are layered confections which feature an interplay of textures; the combinations are a blend of trendy and seasonal elements. 

The newly-released Mont Blanc Sakura, for instance, is a seasonal, cherry-flavoured Mont Blanc crochet cake, based on Mont Blanc mousse combined with Japanese and pears. It has fragrant strawberry and almonds at the base, it’s topped with bisque cherries and cherry ganache.

The crochet cakes come in a range of flavours, from honey and chocolate to matcha and hazelnut. Most crochet cakes are shaped like mini pillows or mini purses and typically have a nutty mousse layer and is topped with a smooth, ganache-mousse ball. Some flavoured variants even have luscious cheesecake inside! If you’re around Osaka anytime soon, you may have a hankering for these adorable entrmets. However, these artisanal confections don’t come very cheap. The crochet cakes are priced at 900 Yen each which is roughly equal to Rs 500.