Inside Shreyas Iyer's Plate: A Peek Into The KKR Captain's Diet
Image Credit: Instagram/ shreyasiyer96

As the IPL season progresses towards its end, the team at the top of the table with a good margin is the Kolkata Knight Riders, captained by Shreyas Iyer. He is a dynamic batsman and a reliable leader under whom the Kolkata-based franchise will be looking to reach the finals of the tournament by beating Sunrisers Hyderabad in Qualifier 1 on May 21 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Shreyas prioritises his fitness a lot and it is often seen in how he moves, bats, and fields on the ground. The KKR captain is very dedicated to his training regimen, which consists of a mix of jogging, swimming, working out at the gym, and spinning. He also does high-intensity exercises like TRX and step-ups in his fitness regimen. Not to mention, the cricket player adheres to a rigorous diet.

Shreyas Iyer's Diet

Shreyas Iyer is an advocate of eating a lot of protein-rich foods, such as cheese, eggs, poultry, and lentils. These serve as fuel and promote the development and repair of muscles. When you're on the pitch, this is crucial. In addition, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and brown rice are part of his diet. This releases a steady energy that is essential for intense games. Moreover, Shreyas makes sure he stays away from sweets and alcohol. Giving up junk and booze speeds up healing and improves general well-being.

He begins his day with grilled bacon, smoked salmon, or an omelette with spinach, black pepper, and cheese. Next in line are seasonal fruits like papaya or watermelon; the cricket player mentioned in one of his interviews that he enjoys fruit.

This cricket player prefers a modest lunch of desi food. But he also adores grilled chicken, spinach, and green veggies, as well as creamy mashed potatoes. Adding lean meat and proteins to suit his dietary demands is his preference.

Last but not least, he enjoys a hearty serving of grilled or boiled fish for dinner, along with some vegetables. He adheres to a rigid meal routine, avoiding overindulgence in order to maintain his fitness regimen.

Shreyas Iyer's Workout Regime

Stretching, yoga, and breathing techniques are how KKR captain Shreyas starts his day. These customs establish the foundation for a calm and concentrated attitude. In addition, the cricket player runs, swims, spins, and performs step-ups. He develops strength, agility, and stamina with the aid of these activities.

Iyer's routine is centred around strengthening the muscles of the lower body, back, and core. Swimming and physical activity not only increase strength but also mental rejuvenation.