Inside Shilpa Shetty’s Drool-Worthy Weekend Binge
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

If there's one celebrity who never ceases to give us food goals on Instagram, it has to be Shilpa Shetty. From healthy, gluten-free desserts to a mouth-watering festive spread or a comforting Indian meal - Shilpa Shetty enjoys it all with equal enthusiasm. The actress also regularly shares snippets from her foodie diaries on Instagram for her fan following of over 29 million. In fact, her fans love her Sunday binge stories where she shares what she’s having for her cheat meal of the week. Shilpa is an ardent believer of balancing her diet with a favourite meal once a week. Even though she follows a stringent fitness regime and a healthy diet, she doesn't shy away from letting her hair down and enjoying what she loves once a week.  

However, her latest indulgence itself seems to be a balance of healthy and tasty. Recently, Shilpa took to Instagram to share about her dessert indulgence, and we are simply drooling. Sharing a picture of what looked like a chocolate decadence, Shilpa revealed that it was in fact “#walnutfudge” and added “Stop it @kiranbawaofficia j” tagging a friend who sent it to her perhaps. Take a look: 

The decadent dessert sure looks every bit tempting! It looks like it has a chocolate base along with walnuts. A chocolate walnut fudge has an intense flavour, thanks to the combination of condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder. Bits of walnuts are nothing short of a treasure in every bite, as they are an exciting, crunchy contrast to the chocolaty sweetness. The fudge generally brings to mind a chewy texture and rich mouthfeel, which make one drool just at the thought of it. Already slurping? Well, we’ve got a super quick and easy chocolate walnut fudge recipe right here. Click here for the full recipe of the fudge, which is eggless and made with just four, readily available ingredients. 

Shilpa’s Friday feast did not end on just the fudge though. The actor, who is currently on a vacation at an undisclosed location, took to social media to share a short video on Instagram Stories featuring marshmallows! Shilpa was seen roasting a marshmallow over a live charcoal grill. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Take a look: 

Roasted marshmallows make for a great snack as is or when sandwiched between cookies or chocolate, especially during cold weather. Gently roasting them for several minutes results in a beautiful golden crust, along with a tiny bit of char and a slightly crunchy mouthfeel.