Ingredients To Spice Up Your Morning Coffee
Image Credit: A perfect coffee can make your day!

It is a daily routine. wake up, have coffee, step out of the world, and pretend to be awake. We all know how important a perfectly brewed coffee in the morning is. But do you know how can you make your mornings even better? Just by adding some little ingredients to your coffee. Believe me, by having these ingredients, you would not settle for another boring cup of coffee. You were not putting these ingredients in your coffee but you should. Here is the list: 


  • Salt 
    What? Salt! Yes, you might think this to be a little inappropriate but salt can make the best coffees. Just like a pinch of salt can dazzle a dessert, it can add life to your old boring coffee. Salt can actually neutralize the bitterness of coffee and help you in getting a smoother and tastier coffee.  

  • Cinnamon 

    One of the easiest and most common ways to spice up the coffee is cinnamon which actually comes from the bark of an evergreen tree known as the Cinnamomum tree. Not only does it taste great but it also has one of the highest antioxidant contents. Moreover, it also boosts your immune system. You can add cinnamon sticks or powder to your coffee and have the tastiest coffee down your throat.  
  • Cardamom 

    Cardamom is a spice commonly used in coffees in the Middle East but quite lesser-known in other parts. Cardamom is highly exotic and has a sharp flavour. If used in the right quantity, it can make your coffee very tasty and unique. Besides, its health benefits are too many. Because of being loaded with fiber, it helps in improving blood circulation. You can a pinch or two in your coffee or even whole cardamom seeds into the coffee beans before brewing. 

  • Cocoa Nibs 

    No, this is not your usual chocolate. Cocoa Nibs are something that chocolate is before you process it into those delicious bars that we absolutely love. These taste much like dark chocolate but with a nuttier and slightly chewier texture. They truly shine in a good cup of coffee. You can ½ tsp of it and your coffee and love the goodness.  

  • Nutmeg 

    For those who love a hint of earthiness to the coffee, this is the right thing for you. It tastes slightly sweeter and it can totally delight your taste buds. Moreover, it gives a sweeter smell to your coffee. The problem is to measure it. But you can always use it as per your taste and smell. Though, a dash is often perfect for a single cup of coffee. 
  • Vanilla Extract 

    If you love the creamy taste of coffee, Vanilla extract is what you are looking for. This gives a delicious flavour to your coffee without having added calories. Isn’t it amazing? You can vanilla extract either into coffee beans before brewing or you can even add one or two drops to your cup of coffee. Believe me, if you taste this once, there is no looking back. 
    We have named a few ingredients that you should add to your cup of coffee to make it better. Comment down in the comment section if you know other ingredients that should be on the list. Enjoy!