Indulge Into Some Cauliflower Rice Nasi Goreng Or Vegan Mango Pancotta By Chef Shailendra For Dinner
Image Credit: Vegan Mango Pannacota/ Pic-Sante Spa Cuisine

Spa food or as commonly known as ‘Spa Cuisine’ is most time highly misunderstood. The food in Spa cuisine sees the use of fresh and seasonal and organic ingredients. This not boring cuisine that that happens to the USP of Sante Spa Cuisine, which is one of the few vegan and cruelty free fine dine restaurants in Mumbai, is the brainchild of first-generation entrepreneur Sonal Bermacha, who found a way to translate her passion for health and fitness with cruelty free food into one of India’s leading chain of fine dine Vegan restaurants, Sante today boasts of specially curated gourmet menus and innovative and nutritious meal experiences. Santé Spa Cuisine came up that eventually became a genre of cuisine to be reckoned with. It has appealed to food connoisseurs and general foodies including the non-vegetarian foodies alike who had similar regimes. Eventually this small concept has expanded due to its resonance with the patrons who were looking for eating healthy home cooked food outside of their homes.

The food here sees all the healthy recipes and it gives utmost importance to the way food is cooked making sure no colours or artificial flavors are mixed.  Also, it avoids using artificial additives, preservatives, or refined cooking. Chef Shailendra Head Chef, Sante Spa Cuisine, his menu favours tropically friendly dishes that draw on his classic French training but use reduction to provide richness versus heavy butter or cream in the classic cuisine. He has extraordinary skills in making every recipe look stunning on a plate. Also, he has an intricate knowledge of ingredients and how they marry other ingredients to provide a contrast or blend of naturally occurring flavours. This gives an edge to every innovation you experience from his kitchen. His vast knowledge and experience about organic ingredients gifts Santé its delicious organic menu. 

Here's Cauliflower Rice Nasi Goreng and Vegan Mango Pancotta By Chef Shailendra 

Rice Nasi Goreng 


    Cauliflower- 80 gms

    Carrots- 30 gms 

    Red Capsicum - 30 gms

    Yellow Capsicum- 30 gms

    Salt- 1 gm

    Beans- 25 gms

    Scallions- 2 gms

    Kecap Manis- 1ML

    Sesame Oil-10 ML

    Peanuts- 10GM

    Garlic – 5 pods 

Vegan Mango Pannacota/ Pic-Sante Spa Cuisine


Step-by-step directions- 

    First you need to soak the agar in some cold water and set it aside.

    Now cut thin slices of the mango for garnish and puree the rest.    

    Now heat the coconut milk to 85 degrees and mix in the sugar and the soaked agar agar gradually. Add the coconut milk powder to this mixture.             

    Stir the mixture continuously and bring it to room temperature, once cooled down add the mango puree to it.     

    Then set the mixture in the desired moulds for 3 hours until completely set.    

Now for the presentation: Take a plate and crumble a granola bar at the base. Carefully place the pannacotta over it and let it demold. And finally garnish it with thin slices of mango and add some fresh mint.