The 7 Popular Dishes To Try At Rewa City Of Madhya Pradesh
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Situated along the Narmada River, Rewa, a city in Madhya Pradesh, is famous for its ancient temples and ghats. The two most famous temples in Rewa are the Govindgarh and Rani Avantibai temples. Devotees from all over come to Rewa to visit these temples.  

Also, with its religious importance, this city is also a major agricultural centre. A large number of crops, like wheat, rice and corn, are produced here and distributed to other parts of the country. The specialty of Rewa is its mangoes. They are considered to be the sweetest mangoes in India.  

Some of the popular traditional dishes of Rewa are rasaj kadhi, indrahar, kusli, jalebi, etc. With its beautiful scenery along the Narmada River, historic temples, and delicious food, Rewa provides visitors with a great experience of the culture and heritage of Madhya Pradesh. Though not as well-known as other cities in the state, Rewa has its own special charm worth exploring.  

Here are some of the staples yet delicious traditional dishes of Rewa: 


Indrahar, a creamy lentil paste, is a treasured delicacy in Rewa. To make this dish, mixed pulses like moong dal, urd dal, chana dal, and more are soaked overnight and the next day the dals are ground with water into a smooth paste. This paste is then placed in earthen pots, set over a steamer, and steamed until the mixture achieves a luxurious, pudding-like texture. Indrahar is often served with fried pooris or parathas for a hearty meal. This nourishing dish gets its name from Lord Indra, the king of gods in Hindu mythology, as it was traditionally made as a special offering for him.  

Restaurant recommendation: Vishnu Villas (Food Pavilion), Rewa  

Type: Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹150-350 approx  


Bagza is a popular dish in Rewa, India, made from raw mangoes. The mangoes are boiled until soft, then mashed into a tart pulp. This mango pulp is mixed with water, jaggery, spices, and rock salt to create a sweet-sour syrup called aam panna. Small fried pastries made of gram flour called bagjas are then dipped into the chilled mango syrup for a sweet, sour and crispy treat. Bagza showcases the sweet and tart flavours of raw mangoes in a fun, refreshing way.  

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Restaurant recommendation: Mount View, Roof Top Restaurant, Rewa  

Type: Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200-350, approx  

Mahua Poori (Mauhari)  

Mahua Poori is an Indian flatbread with a unique filling. First, mahua fruits are soaked, then ground into a tart puree and sweetened. This sweet-tart mahua puree is mixed into the dough with cardamom powder. The dough is fried into puffy pooris. As they fry, the mahua filling cooks inside, making the pooris sweet, tart, and aromatic. The caramelised mahua and cardamom create a complex flavour.   

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Restaurant recommendation: The Handi House, Rewa  

Type: Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹250-400, approx  


Nimona is a beloved Indian comfort food originating from the city of Rewa, made with peas. This hearty stew starts with cubed potatoes fried in oil and spices like cumin, bay leaves, and chopped onion. Next, a flavourful paste of garlic, ginger, and cilantro is blended with water and added along with ground peas that have been made into a smooth paste. After simmering for some time, diced tomatoes and salt are incorporated. The final touch is a sprinkle of garam masala, and nimona is served over rice with a drizzle of ghee. Enjoy this with hot rotis, or puris.  

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Restaurant recommendation: Dhuaan Rooftop Restaurant, Rewa  

Type: Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹100-300 approx  

Kadhi of Rasaj  

The famous kadhi dish of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, called Rasaj ki Kadhi is made using a tasty batter of gram flour cakes known as rasaj along with elephant foot yam called sooran. First, the besan batter is cooked into a thick mixture, which is then cut into pieces and fried into crispy rasaj granules. Then a spiced yoghurt curry is prepared with typical ingredients like ginger, chilli, and turmeric. The fried rasaj cakes are added to the curry and cooked briefly to absorb the flavours. This unique kadhi dish is a beloved specialty of the Rewa region because of the delightful contrast between the crispy rasaj granules and the creamy, aromatic curry. The use of local ingredients like besan and sooran makes it a cherished traditional recipe.  

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Restaurant recommendation: Indian Square Restaurant, Rewa  

Type: Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200-400 approx  

Rikamach’s vegetable   

Rikamach is a unique vegetable dish that originates from the Rewa and Sidhi districts of Madhya Pradesh, India. This simple yet flavourful dish is an integral part of celebrations and weddings in this region. The dish is beloved for its melt-in-your-mouth texture and robust spice blend. To make rikwach, first thoroughly wash and prep the taro leaves by removing the tough stems. Next, grind chana dal, rice, green chilies, ginger, and garlic into a paste. Add spices like cumin, asafoetida, chilli powder, garam masala, amchoor, and salt to the paste, along with some gram flour and water. Spread this spiced paste thinly on the leaves, stacking 4-5 leaves. Roll up the leaves with the paste inside and steam for 20 minutes. Once cooled, slice the rolls into pieces. Finally, fry the rikwach pieces in hot oil until crispy and golden brown. Serve with a tangy chutney.  

Restaurant recommendation: Cafe Thikana 2.0, Rewa  

Type: Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹300-500 approx  


Kusli is a regional dish of Rewa, very similar to gujiya. To make these treats, a dough is first prepared using refined flour, clarified butter known as ghee, and water. The dough is then rolled out and cut into rounds that are stuffed with a blend of shredded coconut, dried fruits and nuts, mawa, and cardamom. They are fried until they turn golden brown. While it bears similarities to the more widely known gujiya, kusli stands out for its complex medley of textures and tastes. This fried, stuffed pastry is a cherished regional specialty that exemplifies the incredible diversity of Indian confections.  

Restaurant recommendation: The Street Kitchen, Rewa  

Type: Vegetarian  

Budget: ₹200-400 approx