The 6 Refreshing Recipes To Try For A Summer Cookout
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Summertime is the perfect season for outdoor picnics. The warm, sunny weather provides the ideal backdrop for spreading out blankets on the grass and enjoying snacks and meals. Picnics in the park or backyard during the summer offer opportunities for fun and relaxation. Everyone can play outdoor games like cornhole toss or frisbee before settling down to eat. 

Some of the popular recipes for summer cookouts include burgers and sandwiches, or cool side dishes like salad and coleslaw. Iced tea, lemonade, and beer are thirst-quenching beverages for a summer cookout. With some creativity and advanced planning, you can serve up amazing food at your next gathering. Your guests will love the fun, casual vibe of an outdoor summer cookout.  

Chickpea Salad 

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Chickpeas are nutritious ingredients that make a refreshing salad bursting with summer flavours. This easy side dish combines crunchy cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, tangy red onions, creamy avocados, briny feta cheese, and lots of fresh parsley and basil. It's dressed with a zesty lemon vinaigrette that brings all the ingredients together. Though it tastes like summer, you can enjoy this vibrant salad any time of year for a healthy, satisfying lunch or barbecue side.  

Strawberry Lemonade 

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A refreshing pitcher of strawberry lemonade is just what is needed to quench the thirst. Make this quick homemade strawberry lemonade in just a few minutes and enjoy. First, hull and quarter fresh strawberries. Add sugar and lemon juice, letting the mixture sit for 30 minutes. 

Then blend the strawberries until smooth and strain out the seeds. Finally, combine the strawberry puree with more lemon juice and water in a pitcher. Add ice and garnish with lemon slices and berries when serving this refreshing pink summertime drink.  

Greek Lemon Potatoes 

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Potatoes are a classic comfort food that can be prepared in many ways. While fried or boiled potatoes are tasty, Greek lemon potatoes provide a refreshing twist. The key is roasting the potatoes in a lemony, herb-infused broth. As the potatoes roast, they absorb the bright, zesty flavours. 

The result is pillowy potatoes with a crisp, golden exterior and a delicious lemony flavour. The bright citrus and herbs provide a nice contrast to the starchy potatoes. Served alongside roti or other breads, these easy roasted potatoes make a bright addition to any spring meal.  

Green Goddess Potato Salad 

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The creamy potato salad is an ideal dish for picnics and brunches. Boiled potatoes and crisp snap peas are tossed in a tangy dressing made with mayonnaise, fresh herbs like parsley and chives, lemon juice, and a hint of briny anchovies. Chopped celery adds a delightful crunch while the dressing soaks into the tender potatoes. The bright flavours and varied textures make this colourful salad a crowd-pleasing addition to any warm-weather gathering.  

Watermelon Feta Salad 

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When the heat of summer arrives, few dishes can satisfy quite like a refreshing watermelon salad. The sweet, icy flesh of ripe watermelon pairs perfectly with the salty tang of feta cheese and the crunch of pistachios. Mint adds a burst of freshness, while cucumbers lend a cool, crisp texture. Though simple, this no-fuss salad combines sweet and salty, soft and crunchy, in perfect harmony. With just a quick toss of fresh ingredients, this salad comes together easily for a bright, vibrant side or snack.   

Colourful Coleslaw 

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This vibrant coleslaw recipe livens up the table with a rainbow of colourful vegetables. The base of green and purple cabbage provides a crunchy, crisp texture, along with mini sweet peppers in shades of red, orange, and yellow that add a pop of brightness and a touch of sweetness. 

Toss in grated carrots for an extra serving of veggies. The tangy, creamy dressing brings it all together. Let it chill for a couple hours to allow the flavours to meld. The result is a fresh, crunchy slaw packed with contrasting colours and flavours.