Indore’s ‘Jhatka Bhel’ Has Left The Internet In Splits

Bhelpuri lovers know that their street food trails are never done perfectly without savouring some crunchy murmuras topped with delectable chutneys and mixed with pomegranate seeds, coconut flakes and some sev. Undoubtedly, bhelpuri is one of the most loved and relished street foods of India. The flavourful and crispy delight has been one of the favourites in the streets of India since times immemorial and there's no denying the fact. 

The fondness towards this dish has led vendors to experiment with it on a whole different level. From bhelpuri with a fruity twist to bhelpuris that are said to be healthier than the regular ones, this street food has evolved over time. And we have come across another version of bhelpuri that will surely blow your mind. A vendor in Indore has tried to make a spicier version of the dish that will make you question your spice tolerance for sure. Still think you can handle it? Take a look:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger with the username @eatthisagra, a street food vendor is seen making his customers sign a contract before selling his bhelpuri. According to the blogger, the street vendor makes his customers sign a death contract that claims that he isn’t responsible for the death of his customers, which can be caused due to the spice level. He is seen adding the typical spices and condiments that go into a typical bhelpuri along with heaps of green chillies. Further, he finishes his bhelpuri with a ladle full of chilli chutney. The food blogger tries the bhelpuri and his reaction is enough to let us know how spicy the bhelpuri must be. The video was uploaded four days ago and has garnered around 325k views, 16.5k likes and numerous comments from netizens across the country.

The comments section is full of views of foodies who are concerned about these experiments and the spice level in the food. Here are some of them:

“Why? Why don't people cook/make food that everyone can eat?”

“Aisa bhel koe khaega kyun🙄🙄”

“Yeh kya Jolo chip se bhi jyada thika hai kya 😂😢😢😢”

Will you try this Jhatke bhel? If you want to, you can drop by at ‘Mr Bhel’ in Indore.