Indore's Dancing Chai Wala's Unique Tea-Making Style Goes Viral

In this era of the internet, "going viral" has become a common expression. From funny clips to personal views, everything spreads very quickly and gets a lot of attention. Even food businesses have become trending items on social media. Many chefs and street vendors use social media as a platform to showcase their creativity and unique recipes. Recently, a chai wala from Indore went viral for his quirky style of selling tea. Here is the video. Take a look: 

Tea is a tradition in India, and it is mandatory in most Indian households. Apart from relishing homemade tea, we also prefer drinking the all-time favourite beverage at "chai ki tapri". It is commonly made with milk, tea leaves, and sugar. In this video, the tea seller can be seen enjoying and dancing while preparing tea. On being asked why he does so, his reply was, "It's my job, and this entertains me as well as my customers."

The vendor is identified as Durgesh, and he has been doing this job for the last 12 years. Along with the basic tea ingredients—milk, tea leaves, and sugar—he also adds some cardamom and cashew-almond powder to it. But with all this attention and popularity, he has kept a pocket-friendly price for his tea. You can enjoy the tea at his shop for just Rs 10, and if you want to sip it in a kulhad, you will have to pay ₹ 12. 

The video was uploaded by a food blogger under the account @areyouhungry3512 and has gotten more than 35k likes. People are appreciating him for his optimistic approach to his work and for elevating the mood of his customers. His good vibes and unending energy have gained him many customers and attention on social media. His stall is near Meghdoot Garden in Indore. So, if you happen to be in the city right now, go and take a sip of tea at the "Dancing Chai Wala" shop.