India’s Mini Israel: Your Guide To Finding Authentic Israeli Dishes In Kasol
Image Credit: Pixabay, Kasol is brimming with Israeli cafes and eateries.

Himachal Pradesh is packed with small, remote hill stations that are still hidden from the travelers’ eye. Trekking up and down the hills would lead you to discover small hamlets, villages and regions that are yet to be explored. Tosh is one of them as so is Kasol. While you may have heard a lot of about Kasol in the recent past due to an upsurge in its tourism, the pristine beauty and lush green landscapes of this little hamlet haven’t really gotten the spotlight. 

For a peaceful and relaxing vacation where you can just immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature and forget about all your worries, Kasol is the apt place to be. With the Parvati river flowing down below, the fresh stream of water brings a joy that is unmatched. You can trek and do a plethora of adventurous activities up here and savour the most authentic Israeli food too. Wait, did we just say something unexpected? Well, we warned you to expect the unexpected. 

Kasol is a hub of Israeli travelers, so much so that some have even settled down in the Parvati valley and have built a life for themselves there. This large-scale tourism from Israel comes from the hippie culture of Kasol which attracts youngsters to come and rejuvenate while indulging in the local culture. The Israelis are expected to undertake military training for the former years of their adult life. Post this, a lot of them opt for Himachal and particularly, Kasol to relax and enjoy. 

The Israelis run several small businesses in the region and have also brought their authentic flavours for us to savour. Here are our recommendations for the best cafes in Kasol serving Israeli cuisine. 

1.  Stone Garden Café 

Situated amidst greens, the Stone Garden Café has a very hippie vibe to itself. Right from the interiors to the scenic landscapes surrounding the area, the café is a total treat to the eyes. They offer a range of Indian and Israeli dishes on their menu and we suggest, you do not step out with trying their Chicken Laffa, served with a side of delicious hummus. 

2.  Evergreen Café 

If you have had even the slightest tryst with Middle-Eastern cuisine, you would have acquainted yourself with the classic hummus and pita bread combination. The chickpea preparation is popular across Middle-East and this place serves the best pita and hummus combination ever. You can head to this place for breakfast and enjoy. 

Source: Evergreen Cafe/Instagram

3.  XXL Café 

Your search for rich and meaty fares is over. This German-run café brings some of the most authentic flavours of Israel to your table. Have you heard of shakshouka, the poached eggs cooked in tomato sauce? You have to try it here and don’t forget to indulge in some fresh trout fish right from valley. 

4.  Jim Morrison Café 

Looking for a chic boho experience in Kasol? The colourful and artistic walls of Jim Morrison café speak volumes about the culture of the place. The casual floor seating makes you automatically feel at home and you can groove to the tunes of rock music while savouring borek. The flaky Middle-Eastern pastry comes packed with cheese and we are sure you won’t say no to it. 

Source: Anshuu Edits/Instagram

5.    Little Italy 

Don’t let the name confuse you. While it is surely named Little Italy and offers delicious Italian cuisine, it is hard to find another café that beats the chicken shipudims that are served here. This place has all the real Israeli delicacies on their menu and these chicken skewers are the highlight. 

Source: Funn Foood Fashionn/Instagram