India’s First Ayurvedic Café Now Open In Delhi
Image Credit: Flickr

In what has been an interesting amalgamation of ancient Indian medicine and food, Maharishi Ayurvedic Hospital in Delhi has launched its first restaurant with a menu designed on the basis of medicinal principles. Known as Soma – The Ayurvedic Kitchen, the newly-launched space is located in the Shalimar Bagh area and dishes up delicious meals that contain no onions or garlic. The menu – which focusses on using fresh, organic ingredients, the menu ranges from Indian dishes like idlis, sprouts pav bhaji and ragi vada pao to global offerings like the falafel platter, spinach and cheese ravioli and beetroot dumplings.

With healthy twists on most crowd favourites, the restaurant offers health check-ups at the hospitals, based off of which diners can enjoy a meal to ease their doshas. Loaded with nutrients, the dishes are designed with a special emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients which are meant to combat the challenges of the vata, pitta and kapha doshas. The menu also focusses on highlighting the consumption of unprocessed foods, and encourages mindful eating practices in a soothing environment.

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Conscious efforts have also been made to accommodate the six tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent) into every dish through the many different elements used in each of them. The restaurant, which caters to in-house patients at the hospital as well as walk-in customers, intends to bring a revolution within the hospitality space by combining food with wellness. The special menu also contains plenty of options that are oil-free, non-fried foods and food devoid of refined flour.