India’s Best Mutton Curries
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Mutton usually refers to the meat from sheep in most of the world, but in India, we use it to mean meat from goats (sometimes used interchangeably with lamb in India). Mutton also has a royal touch in India, thanks to its popularity among many of India's former (and current) royal families. This meat requires some skill to cook. The aim is to make the meat sufficiently tender without overcooking it. To enhance the flavor of the mutton, spices like clove and coriander powder can be used. The mix of spices changes across regions. Mutton is best had in Indian-style cooking after it has been marinated, which is done using tenderizers like buttermilk, raw papaya, etc.

1.  Galouti Kebab 

The Galouti Kebab, Awadhi cuisine's most popular dish, was first created for the nawabs of Lucknow. These kebabs are tender and juicy, and they are said to contain a mixture of as many as 160 spices. "Galouti" means "soft," something that melts inside the mouth. That was a primary requirement because the nawab of Awadh lost his teeth in his old age. True to the name, these succulent kebabs consist of finely minced mutton mixed with green papaya and shallow-fried in desi ghee. There was a time when some royal chefs tried to keep the recipe a secret, but it was eventually figured out. Check out this recipe if you’re keen on making a galouti Kebab at home this holiday season.

Source: Kosha Mangsho/GT Road

This is, technically, not a curry, but it is a must-try dish. Mutton Biryani made in the Awadhi style, also known as Lucknowi Biryani, is a delicious royal meal. Tender, slow-cooked mutton with a variety of spices and the stunning aroma of basmati rice—this biryani recipe is a delight that will have your guests raving.