Indian Sweets With A Gourmet Touch This Diwali

Food is one of the most essential aspects of gathering and celebrating festivals as the festival season approaches, along with other customs and rituals. Mithai is a favourite meal of Indians and a necessity for any traditional celebration. The Godrej Food Trend Report 2022 reveals some fascinating trends and insights on mithai, citing the rising pride and interest in the local sweet delicacies during the previous two years. 

Traditional mithai became a topic of discussion in 2019 and continued to expand in 2021. The survey identifies the fundamental traits of customers who favour bite-size or smaller-portion sweets during the festive season. Even today, consumers who are concerned about their health and wellbeing still turn to sweets for comfort. Experts reevaluated Indian sweets and discovered that their worth goes beyond simple sweetness. Numerous classic desserts are wholesome and made using all-natural ingredients. The New Age version of mithai, which includes items like Rasmalai-stuffed Ghevar pie with saffron-flavored cream and Kaapi Pak (coffee-infused Mysore Pak), has acquired popularity after redefining mithai cuisine. The objective of these modern mitaiwalas is to restore the love for traditional sweets and include Indian mithai on the cutting-edge, global dessert menu. Mithai strives to create a distinctive blend of locally produced foods, culinary inventiveness, refined technique, and subdued artistry. As interest rises, Mithai deepens its identity across the nation as a result of cross-cultural exchanges. 

The Godrej Foods Trends Report 2022 - Collector's Edition goes into detail about the thriving roots and changing realities of culinary culture. Some of these observations are based on the opinions of over 200 thought leaders, including celebrity chefs, home cooks, professional chefs, food bloggers, health experts, media experts, mixologists, nutritionists, restaurateurs, sommeliers, food producers, and more, all of whom shared insightful observations about their specialised fields. Several significant discoveries for 2022 include: 

Sweets in Controlled Portions: 57.4% of individuals, according to food experts, prefer bite-sized mithais. 

Gourmet Mithai: According to 50% of the expert panel, this sweet treat is on the rise. Customers favour them for festive occasions and celebrations. 

Healthier Claims: According to 54.1% of food experts, mithai with healthier claims will be more popular with consumers. 

Pride in Homemade Traditional and Regional Indian Sweets - According to a 42.6% expert panel, there is increasing pride in homemade traditional and regional Indian sweets and mithais. 

Dining Out - 60% of experts predict that, when dining out, mithai and desserts with healthier promises will dominate. 

India likes its mithai, according to Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, curating editor of the Godrej Foods Trends Report 2022. Although customers frequently express a desire for portion-controlled and better options, health concerns may encourage careful consumption. However, it is undeniable that Indians have a unique position when it comes to sweets. In addition to mithai with healthier claims being in demand when the festival season begins around September, gourmet mithai, which is mithai reimagined by the new age designer mithaiwalla, will see increasing demand from people.