Indian Mango Meals: Learn How To Cook With Aam

As the "King of Fruits," mango is revered in Indian cuisine for its versatility, making it useful in a wide range of delectable dishes. Mangoes add a special touch to the dishes of many Indian regions, from the aromatic spices of Awadhi cooking to the seafood delicacies of Goa. From savoury curries to rich sweets, this fruit shines in a wide variety of preparations, regardless of its ripeness or tartness. Let’s explore the many ways mangoes enhance India's unique tastes and customs.  

Awadhi Ambar Kaliya 

In Awadhi cuisine, this uncommon treasure exemplifies the adaptability of unripe mangoes by showcasing their variety. Mangoes that are firm and unripe are used to carve a fillet, which is then slowly cooked in a fragrant stew. This method allows the fruit to shine in its own unique brilliance. 

Bengali Delights 

The culinary repertory of Bengal includes meals such as Aam Chingri, which consists of little prawns that are wrapped in a rich mango sauce, and Aam Pulav, which is a recipe that is much cherished by communities. The practice of experimenting with mango sandesh is a time-honoured custom that gives classic sweetmeats a contemporary spin. 

Maharashtrian Marvels 

In Maharashtra, Amti Kairi is a delectable treat that is enjoyed throughout the winter months, and Aamras, when combined with puri, is a popular choice among households. Mangoes are added to shrikhand, which results in the creation of the delicious flavour known as Amrakhand. 

Gujarati Specialties 

Kairi Na Gotla Nu Shaak is a one-of-a-kind dish that is served in Gujarati cuisine. It is prepared with both mango seeds and mango flesh. Utilising every portion of the fruit, this traditional dish from Gujarat exemplifies the inventiveness that is characteristic of Gujarati cuisine. 

Coastal Treasures 

Both the acidic Mango Prawn Curry from Goa and the Manga Chemmeen Curry from Kerala are examples of the coastal influence that may be seen in mango-based meals. These dishes, which are loaded with coconut and spices, provide a flavorful combination that is quite enticing. 

Andhra Delicacies 

The state of Andhra Pradesh is known for its recipes that combine mangoes with meat, such as Maudakai Mawkam and Mamidkaya Mamsam. 

Parsi Treats 

Mango Fool and Fajeito are examples of Parsi desserts that muddle the boundaries between sweet and savoury. These mango-infused dishes are the perfect way to round off a dinner. 

Sweet Indulgences 

The adaptability of the mango is demonstrated by the many mango-based sweets such as Mango Cheesecake and Mango Kulfi. Made with meticulous attention to detail, these delectable delicacies entice the taste buds and the senses with their velvety textures and rich aromas. 

Savouring Mango Pickles 

From Punjabi Fadiwala Achar to Tamilnadu's Avakkai, mango pickles are a beloved accompaniment to meals across India. Each region offers its unique spin on pickling mangoes, showcasing the diversity of Indian cuisine. 

Refreshing Beverages 

Aam Ka Panna, a timeless summer cooler, offers respite from the scorching heat. This traditional drink is complemented by Aam Ka Sharbat, a sweeter alternative reminiscent of childhood summers.