Indian Cheese Company Strikes Gold At World Cheese Awards
Image Credit: Eleftheria Cheese

In what seems to be a first-time achievement for an artisanal Indian cheese company, Eleftheria Cheese bagged three awards for their deliciously crafted cheeses at the World Cheese Awards held in Norway, in October 2023. Winning a super gold award for their Brunost – a Norwegian brown cheese made with milk, cream and cheese-making whey, the cheese company is also the first to perfect the making within the country. In addition to this, Eleftheria also won a super gold award for their goat milk feta as well as a gold for their French Tomme style cheese.

Image Credits: Eleftheria Cheese [Award-winning French Tomme style cheese]

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Dedicating the hattrick of achievements to women entrepreneurs of India, the official social media page of the company founded by Mausam Jotwani Narang, shared a video of the judges sharing their feedback after tasting some of the cheeses that were sent for evaluation. While the Brunost emerged as the winner, it also secured itself a sweet spot as one of the top five cheeses in the world. The caption attested with the video of the happy judges said, “We did it, again! Only this time, it is even bigger! We have some crazy news to share with you - last night at World Cheese Awards held in Norway, we won: 1 super gold for our BRUNOST (and secured a Top 5 cheese in the world position), 1 super gold for our MEDALLION - GOAT MILK FETA, 1 gold for our newest-baby KONARK - FRENCH TOMME-STYLE CHEESE. Now that’s what we call an unbelievably delicious gold-plated mother of all hat-tricks! Our hearts are bursting with emotions and words fail to express them. We are absolutely floored, yet deeply thankful to each and everyone of you.”

The video that showcased a slew of feedback from the judges had them exclaiming compliments that ranged from ‘absolutely amazing’ to referring to the cheese as ‘very complex with waves of flavour’. Another judge who was pleasantly surprised by the Indian origins of the cheese also added, “A country that doesn’t have the tradition of cheese-making the same way we have, to come so far and make a cheese of this quality, it’s outstanding; and I must bow.” A win for an Indian business, is a win for the country!