India Gets Its First Hemp Café In Kasol
Image Credit: Instagram /offlimitskasol

With mercury soaring high and the summer scotching heat is getting unbearable, most of us are heading to the hills. One such most visited deamination is Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. This mini-Amsterdam will enchant you with its luxuriant greens surrounding of pine forest, ferociously flowing Parvati River and some of the most well sought-after cafés. The Parvati River accompanies you from Bhuntar (the place where it meets Beas) along the winding roads. The moment you step in this backpacker’s heaven you get o see a signboard in Hebrew “Welcome to Kasol”. An ideal destination for backpackers, trekkers and nature enthusiasts this place is flanked by mainly Israelis. The melancholy beauty of this place, the gurgling Parvati River, makes Kasol something different. Also, at times referred as the hash/pot capital as you Cannabis (Hash) growing everywhere Kasol recently sees India’s fist Hemp Café. 

This misunderstood plant that sees a lot of health benefits is getting it’s due recognising and so this café called the Off-Limits Cafe in Kasol is setting trend by Hemp infused food. Cosy interiors, charming wooden seating , spectacular outdoors as you watch the Parvati river flow, at this café you can happily hog some gorge on burgers, hummus platters, pasta, wholesome breakfast platters, pancakes- all sprinkled with Hemp that in is elevating the tastes along with adding health benefits of the dishes and of course not to mention the experience. 

As you sit by the Parvati watching the river flow and soak in the fresh mountain air, flipping through some pages of a book with a hemp infused coffee, you surely can bet that life is good. This is literally ‘get high on life’ attitude in real sense. 

The use of Hemp has always been on fragile grounds as it is considered as a drug, but last year FSSAI passed a regulations mentioning that “hemp seed, hemp seed oil and hemp seed flour shall be sold as food or used as an ingredient in a food for sale”. As the crop holds a massive opportunity, this acted as a significant victory for all Indian products having hemp in them. Also not to miss on the health benefits that hemp sees being anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory. 

Also, Off Limits is just not a café but also a hotel-bunk-villa that provides accommodation too. A perfect place to stay during your vacation this place is a great mix of good stay and great food under the same roof. This place is all about getting a high with a difference.

And next time don’t stress about going and trying Thailand’s Marijuana Pizza, Austria’s weed cafes as all delicious hemp-infused food, that too in a beautiful location will not cost you a bomb. So, whether you are sipping your hot hemp infused cuppa or your pizza with a hemp drizzle, this café should surely be bookmarked for your next visit to Kasol.