Tricolor Cheesecake and More To Savour The Patriotic Treats

Independence Day is a significant occasion that evokes a profound sense of national pride and serves as a joyous commemoration of the nation's freedom and advancement. In the midst of the celebrations, food takes a significant role, providing an extra chance to fully engage in the essence of patriotism. With a focus on the rich heritage of traditional dishes and the evolving nature of the nation, each culinary creation serves as a delectable homage to India's journey towards independence. Engaging in communal dining experiences alongside cherished folks, and appreciating the diverse culinary traditions that symbolise the unity and cultural richness of our nation, enhances the significance of this momentous occasion by evoking heightened feelings of joy and emotion. Director of Culinary, Jerson Fernandes and Pastry Chef, Rajesh Paramashivan from Novotel Hotel Juhu Beach, Mumbai, are embracing the spirit and have created tricolor desserts that encapsulate the essence of 76 years of Indian Independence. Here’s to how you can recreate them at your home.  

Tiranga Mousse Cup Cakes Recipe by Jerson Fernandes, Director of Culinary


For the Muffin 

100 g Butter  

80 g Castor Sugar 

100 g Flour  

25 g Baking Powder  

50 ml Condensed Milk 

50 ml Milk  

2 g Baking Soda  

3 ml Vanilla Essence  

For the topping 

150 g Cream Cheese  

3 ml Vanilla Essence  

50 g Whipped Cream  

30 g Kiwi Puree  

30 g Carrot & Saffron Puree  

2 Tbsp Roasted Nuts  

20ml Condensed Milk 

70 g Castor Sugar  


For the Muffin

Mix butter and sugar till sugar is completely dissolved. Mix milk and condensed milk to the butter mixture. Sieve flour, add flours, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla essence. Mix well and pour into muffin moulds brushed with butter and a muffin underliner paper. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade. Remove from oven and allow to cool.  

For the Topping

Mix cream cheese, whipped cream, vanilla essence, caster sugar, nuts together and ensure all ingredients are blended well. Separate into 3 batches. Into one batch add kiwi puree, into another add saffron-carrot puree and leave one as it is to get three different colored batches. Once all three topping flavors are ready, allow to chill. Pour the filling in a piping bag and pipe it onto the muffin in three layers to resemble a tricolor. Serve with crunchy cookies coated with the same filling accompanied on the side. 

Chef’s Tip 

Make sure the oven is always preheated to the desired temperature before baking. 

The nuts should always be dry roasted before using to give it a crunch. 

Cardamom Cheesecake - Recipe by Rajesh Paramashivan, Pastry Chef 


250 g Philadelphia cheese  

250 g Fresh double cream 

200 g White chocolate  

10g Cardamom powder  

Sweet pearls (Bondi) 

250 g Gram Flour (Besan)  

A pinch Baking Soda  

90 ml Water 

1 g Saffron Strand  

Oil for Frying 

Sugar Syrup 

200 g Sugar  

100 ml Water  

2 Green Cardamom  

1 g Saffron  

50 ml Rose Water  


For Cheesecake

Cream the with the balloon whisk cheese till smooth. Add the fresh double cream slowly the cheese mix and keep whisking· Add the white chocolate and cardamom powder to it· Set the cheesecake mix in a tray and chill in a freezer,  

For Boondi 

Add the sugar water saffron and cardamom in saucepan. Make a thick syrup add rose water for flavoring· Add water to gram flour to form smooth batter· Add the saffron to the mixture· Lastly add baking soda to the mixture and whisk well· To make bondi pass the mixture through the perforated ladle on the hot oil kadai· Remove bondi strain all the oil completely.  Dip the bondi in warm sugar syrup rest it for an hour. Remove the excess syrup through strainer. Finally, sweet bondi is ready to be served 

Use melted white chocolate with orange, green and white colour cut in a desire shape for placement. 


Place the sweet Bondi at the bottom add the cardamom cheesecake mix to it

Place the chocolate on the plate cut the cheese cake place on above the other indicating the flag colour. Garnish and serve