Include Edible Flowers While Making Cocktails Using 5 Key Tips

As a time for all things cheery, summer is the perfect season for vibrant colours and fragrant ingredients that would make you want to let your hair down. Edible flowers are a wonderful ingredient to add to and the ways in which they can be incorporated into your mixology game are many. When you decide to host a garden party, complete with very fruity, bright drinks, a refreshing way to put some elegant touches on the cocktails served would be to use colourful edible flowers.

Choose Colourful Garnishes

When you are looking for edible flowers as garnishes, go for those floral elements that would make your cocktails pop. One such garnish could be nasturtium blooms which have a very bright red hue that introduces a seductive quality into the drink. This garnish has a peppery finish that introduces just a hint of spiciness undercutting some of the sweetness in your flavour-forward concoctions. The blooms go well with gin cocktails whose botanical notes compliment the scented flowers.

Use Floral Liqueurs

Floral liqueurs or certain cordials with floral elements like rose or lavender are highly underrated. However, emerging mixology trends are moving towards including a lot more fruity and floral ingredients into modern mixes. Lavender liqueur, elderflower liqueur and rose water have a role to play in giving your cocktails a very luxe and elegant touch, adding a whole new layer of flavour into a drink.

Pairing Spirits & Florals

When you are crafting cocktails with edible flowers, be very clever with your choice of spirits. For example, when you incorporate roses into cocktails, use them with intense liquors like bourbon. On the other hand, spirits like gin pair well with florals like violet or even hibiscus with tequila.

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Toxin Free Flowers

A lot of times, we pick flowers that might seem visually appealing as opposed to being edible. Avoid using flowers that grow on tomato or potato plants because they are not for consumption, as well as flowers bought from your neighbourhood florist since they can contain harmful pesticides. Use florals that are foraged prudently or that you would find in stores with a reliable edible mark to craft your cocktails.

Pick Fresh Flowers

One of the best ways to enjoy spring cocktails is to incorporate fresh ingredients and homemade mixes made from fresh produce into the drink. This also applies to floral elements and garnishes that adorn your cocktails this summer. Make sure the flowers used to decorate or infuse your drink are fresh and still in bloom. Not only will this elevate the aroma of your cocktails but also introduce a very pleasing and revitalising appearance into the drink.