In The Hills: Your Food Guide To The Most Picture-Perfect Eateries In Nainital
Image Credit: Pixabay, From North Indian to Chinese and Continental, you'll find everything at these cafes in Nainital.

That time of the year is here when you want to take a break and go on a vacation. Away from the busy city life and the hustle-bustle of work, relaxing in the lap of nature is something that you truly deserve. Now since the hot weather has made its way already, going to a beach wouldn’t be such a good idea. Seems like the mountains are eagerly calling you, can you hear? Up in the northern part of the country, Uttarakhand is home to several such small hill stations that having amazing weather, great activities and a view to behold, Nainital being one of them. 

The hill station that was once under the British rule, is a free bird today. However, the reflections of the colonizers are still evident in the architecture, infrastructure, cafés and restaurants. Surrounded by the glittering waters of nine lakes, Nainital is an abode of lakes. Given this fact, it is natural that the most prominent attraction of the place is boating. Take ride of peddler or rowing boat in the shining waters of Naini Lake or send an adrenaline rush down your spine with the cable car reaching the snow point. 

While you’re soaking in the mesmerizing views of Nainital, how about grabbing a bite at some of the most picture-perfect places in town? Here is our list of recommendations for some of the best eateries in the foothills of Kumaon. 

1.  The Sakley’s 

Overlooking the Kumaon range, this mountain café is nothing short of dream. Built in the British style, the interiors are nicely done and the café also offers an outdoor seating to enjoy the view. Sip on to their hot chocolate while the breeze touches your face. With an all-day breakfast menu, Sakley’s also offers delicious pizzas, burgers and Continental delicacies. 

Where: Poplar Estate, Alps Hotel Compund, Mallital, Mall Road

Source: Sakley's/Instagram

2.    I Heart Café 

The aesthetics of this place are at once pleasing and comforting at the same time. With the rustic vibes of this café, the place is warm and cozy to spend the evening with friends or for a romantic date. Not only is it super packed during peak season, the aromas of freshly brewed coffee would allure you to keep waiting for your table. With a simple sandwich, pizza and pasta kind of spread, it also has some decadent sweet meats to dig in like the banana walnut muffins. 

Where: Mehra Estate, Mehragaon, Bhimtal

Source: I Heart Cafe/Instagram

3.  Café Lakeside 

As the name suggests, you wouldn’t have to look for any other places to sit by the lake and enjoy a cup of tea. If you are a fan of breakfast buffets, we think that you shouldn’t miss out on this lake view eating joint. From fresh fruits to croissants, eggs and more, the breakfast menu is quite a treat to the taste buds. You can also dine in for lunch or dinner because their chilli garlic noodles and other Chinese dishes are worth every bite. 

Where: Lakeside Inn, The Mall, Mall Road

Source: Cafe Lakeside 

4.  Café Chica 

Did you know that there was a café inside the Prasada Bhawan that is 140 years old? Don’t get eerie because there’s nothing spooky about this place. Instead, Café Chica gives you all the more reason to get up early and head out for breakfast. A British-time house that was converted into a café, still holds a house tour for the tourists if they want. This place has all the best breakfast items, from waffles to pancakes and cupcakes, you will be spoilt for choice. 

Where: Prasada Bhawan, Oak Park, Above Academy Training Institute, Mallital

Source: Cafe Chica/Instagram 

5.  The Embassy 

This is an open-air restaurant that is best to visit on a cool and pleasant afternoon. You can head to The Embassy for a lazy Sunday brunch or relaxing lunch with your family. Their Chinese sizzlers are a must-try as are their North-Indian varieties of curries, naans and more. 

Where: Mallital, Mall Road