In Ahmedabad? Here’s Your Guide To The Best Breakfast Spots In The City
Image Credit: Pixabay

Situated on the banks of the River Sabarmati, Ahmedabad is a city steeped in rich culture and tradition. That said, the world-renowned textile industry, diamond cutting, the sprawling river-front, the lavish gardens, there’s much to admire in the slightly ‘urban’ pockets of the city too. The capital city of Gujarat is also famous for its rich cuisine. From dhoklas to dabeli, khakras to khandvi, the sheer range of food you find here is unbelievably unique, wholesome and flavourful. While the best way to sample all of it would be to order an endless ‘Gujarati thali’, but if you are looking for something ‘lighter’ to grab in the wee hours of morning, you would not be disappointed either. Have your breakfast, the ‘Amdavadi way’ at these amazing breakfast spots without burning a hole in your pocket.

Champaji Farsaan House

Farsan refers to a class of foods that are essentially, easy to eat, salty snacks. While these can be consumed anytime through the day, but they are best accompanied with your morning or evening cup of tea. Located in Paldi, the Champaji Farsaan and Sweet house is packed with people in the morning, who often take a tour of the shop for their Jalebi, Khakra, Fafda, Gathiya, Patra and Dhokla. Their Khandvis also make for an excellent morning snack.  

Ambika Dal Vada Centre

Start your day on an indulgent note with the vadas and bhajiyas of Ambika Dal Vada centre, The Navrangpyra eatery, as you must have guess is famous for its Dal Vadas, a type of lentil fritters. these bite-sized crispy and crunchy fritters, are served with a choice of chutneys, onion and chillies. Drooling much?  

Lijjat Khaman

Amdavad aaye, aur khaman na khaye? Khaman is a popular Gujarati snack made with chana dal. A soft and luminous batter of chana dal, lemon juice, semolina and curd is prepared, which is then allowed to steam. Final tadka of asafoetida and chillies are added later. An authentic Amdavadi Khaman is intensely soft and fluffy, and some of the best Khaman of the city can be found at Lijjat Khaman, Mani Nagar. In addition to Khaman, the street food shop is also renowned for a range of dry snacks and breakfast favourites such as patra, dhokla, jalebi, bhajiya.  

Udipi Café

Fancy some authentic South Indian idlis, vada, sambar and uttapam? Head to the Udipi café for a feast to remember. Located in Paldi, this modest eatery is famous for its range of dosas. From Mysore Masala dosa, to cheese dosa to tomato dosa, you will be spoilt for choice. If you aren’t soo much into dosas, the idlis, medu vada and onion uttapam are worth a try as well.  

Image credit: Pixabay

Shambhu’s Coffee Bar

Can’t start your day without your daily cup of Joe, no problem. Not only is Shambhu’s coffe bar renowned for its diverse range of coffees, like iced coffee, latte and Americano, but also their ice cream shakes, refreshing mocktails and savoury light bites such as club sandwiches, cheesy French fries, brownies, garlic bread etc.