Impress Your Friends With These Best Indian Rums
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Indian rum brands are becoming more popular as the country's alcohol industry expands. Rum may not be the most popular drink in India, but more and more brands are being introduced. Rum production can take a long period. Sugarcane juice or molasses is converted into rum through fermentation and distillation. The outcome is a transparent liquid that is then matured in oak barrels and comes in a variety of flavours, including white, gold, and dark rum. Rum is also made in India, despite the fact that the Caribbean and American countries produce the majority of it. 

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Here are some Indian rum brands for you to try 

Old Monk 

Old Monk, which debuted in 1954, is arguably the most recognisable rum from India. Old Monk's has a lot of popularity despite not advertising, and this is due to customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. Sweet smells of caramel, chocolate, peach, and vanilla can be detected in this dark rum.Both roasted coffee beans and a strong vanilla flavour can be found in Old Monk. The rum's storage in charred oak barrels gives it peppery undertones. It has a delicate taste and a creamy mouthfeel while having a 42.8 percent alcohol level. Due to its adherence to tradition and use of only the original rum blends, some of which are up to 50 years old, Old Monk is still a well-known Indian rum brand 

Segredo Aldeia White Rum 

The name of this Goan rum company comes from a Goan village on the Mandovi river. The ship of The Bishop of Goa was captured by French pirate Olivier Levasseur off the coast of Réunion, and its treasure cargo was looted. Barrels of rum that were distilled in a hidden settlement were part of the treasure. Jaggery and sugarcane juice are combined to create Segredo Aldeia White Rum. It smells of vanilla, fragrant wood, and peaches and cream, making it the ideal summer beverage. 

Segredo Aldeia Café Rum 

Café Rum is an additional rum product from Segredo Aldeia. With a faint hint of yellow, the Segredo Aldeia White Rum appears transparent.Café Rum, on the other hand, seems clear and deep amber. On the nose, it has a strong coffee aroma with overtones of toffee and vanilla. This is a delicious dessert rum, with notes of leather, dark chocolate, and tobacco. Café Rum is more appropriate for cooler nights because it tastes sweet but also warms the mouth. 

Maka Zai Bartender’s Edition 

The Bartender's Edition is the white rum produced by Still Distilling under the Maka Zai brand of Indian rum. It is clear in colour and has opulent, creamy smells. Sugarcane that is grown locally in and around the Panchaganga river in Maharashtra is used to make it. Due to the proximity of the fermenting and distillation processes, the rum's flavour is influenced by the red soil, becoming flowery, sweet, peppery, and herbaceous. Every taste of this lively, medium-bodied white rum is bursting with tropical flavours. 

Maka Zai Tribute Edition 

The Tribute Edition, which is Maka Zai's gold rum, is also available. This premium rum is made on the Goan coastline. Although the flavours of praline, dry dates, figs, caramel, cinnamon, and honey are all present, the mixture tastes good. The creamy texture and well-rounded vanilla accent go well with this. Its velvety, elegant but accessible charm makes it a fantastic treat to enjoy while sipping rum and conjures up images of a warm late afternoon. 

Wild Tiger Spiced Rum 

Even while the Kerala-based rum company Wild Tiger may not be as well known as other Indian rum brands, it nevertheless has a powerful flavour. The brand's spiced rum is produced using sugar cane juice, molasses, and distillates. It is a column-distilled rum that is first aged in American oak barrels with an unique concoction of Indian spices. The fragrances of orange flower, honey, and dried grass greet the nose as soon as you open the colourful bottle. Each sip brings earthy nutmeg and black pepper flavours to the fore, with lingering background notes of marmalade, molasses, and creamy vanilla. An nice finish is provided by strong ginger and cinnamon. 

Amrut Old Port Rum 

Amrut is well-known for making whisky, but it also makes flavorful rum. One illustration is Old Port, which is made entirely from molasses derived from Indian sugarcane. It is matured in both fresh oak and whiskey barrels, which adds to the smooth, rich flavour. Its colour is a vivid copper, and pistachio scents are audible.  The rum has a smooth, dry-yet-fruity, medium-to-full body as you start to sip. You may taste thick, crystallised ginger, nutmeg, and bubblegum spice in the complex aftertaste. Old Port is perfect for cocktails because of the wide variety of distinct flavours and fragrances.