Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat Recipe, A Unique Pakistani Drink
Image Credit: Imli aloo bukhara sharbat, SooperChef@YouTube

There are several lesser-known traditional drinks made with local ingredients in Pakistan. The formers continue to be undervalued in comparison to the popular ones. Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat is one example of a drink that will surely please your taste senses. The Hindi word for tamarind is "imli," whereas the word for plum is "aloo bukhara."  This beverage is quite tasty and revitalizing. In addition to being a staple during the holy month of Ramadan, "Imli and Aloo Bukhara" is a popular summertime drink. This Pakistani beverage is well-liked for its refreshing taste and for the health benefits it provides. Crushed ice, tamarind, dried plums, caster sugar, black salt, and sugar go into making the refreshing Imli Aur Aloo Bukhara drink. In the heat of summer, it's a welcome relief and a far better choice than colas.

The sweet and sour taste of Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat makes it a popular summertime drink in Pakistan. The combination of tamarind and plum, with their respective health benefits, can help you deal with the intense heat and offer other advantages. This beverage is widely available in both commercial and homemade forms.

Improves your gut health

Plums and tamarinds both aid digestion. They have a little laxative effect. Sorbitol, a natural sugar alcohol, aids digestion just as much as the digestive enzymes found in tamarind. 

Healing qualities

Limonene, geraniol, safrole, cinnamic acid, methyl salicylate, pyrazine, and alkylthiazoles are only a few of the volatile phytochemicals found in tamarind. The tamarind's healing powers can be attributed to this combination of chemicals. 

Reduces inflammation

The tamarind's positive effects on health have been extensively researched. It has been discovered that imli can lessen systemic inflammation. Thus, this drink has a health-granting power.

Good for different body parts

The beneficial effects of tamarind on one's health extend to many areas of the body. Consumption of it has been shown to benefit vision, respiratory function, skin health, digestion, pain relief, immune system strength, fever reduction, cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular health. Some research suggests it may aid in preventing cancer and piles and even keep kids free of parasites and worms.

Vitamin-rich food source

Plums, or Aaloo Bukhara, are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and E. Potassium, fluoride, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc are only a few minerals found in plums. 

A dietary fibre

Plums are low in both calories and fat and are a good fibre source. After a long summer day, you may refuel your body with the help of these two superfruits. 

Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat Recipe

It is time-consuming to prepare Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat. However, the syrup stays in the fridge for long, so it's worth it. Pulp, with or without the seeds, is required for the recipe. To get the pulp out of tamarind pods, you must first deshell and devein them. 

Imli Aloo Bukhara Sharbat recipe, Video Source: SAILA'S KITCHEN@YouTube


  • 125-gram tamarind pulp with seeds
  • 125 grams prunes
  • 3 cups water divided
  • 1 teaspoon cumin powder
  • 1.5 teaspoon black salt or any salt
  • 1-3 cups sugar (1 cup sugar if using sweet tamarind, else 3 cups for tart tamarind)

Tamarind and dried plum drink, Image Source: FoodFusion@Youtube


  • Put the prunes and tamarind pulp in a large saucepan with two cups of water.
  • It should be brought to a boil, covered, and simmered for 10 minutes.
  • Separate the pulp from the seeds by mashing the mixture with a potato masher.
  • The pulp can be removed by straining the mixture through a coarse sieve.
  • Put any leftover seeds in a container with a cup of water. Maintain a vigorous stirring to completely eliminate any pulp residue. Toss the seeds after a second straining.
  • Reintroduce the pulp to the original cooking vessel and season with sugar, cumin, and black salt. Simmer it until the sugar has melted, then bring it to a boil. Take it off the burner. Allow it to cool down.
  • Pour the syrup into the bottles using the funnel. The shelf life is two months if refrigerated. Mix syrup and ice in a pitcher for a refreshing sharbat. Then, if necessary, add water. 
  • Add soaked sabja or basil seeds to increase the drink's cooling effect. Sample it and make any necessary taste adjustments.