Idli To Sandwich: 7 Nutritious Breakfast Dishes For A Big Crowd
Image Credit: Idli can be a great breakfast option when you have guests over | Unsplash

India has big families and often, we visit our relatives during festivals, weddings, birthdays and other important occasions. During those times, when your cousins and uncles and aunts are all at your place, you might find it a task to figure out what breakfast to serve. Lunch and dinner are comparatively easy, because you have time to prepare those meals. But breakfast is prepared early in the morning, and you might run out of options to serve your guests breakfast. Serving breakfast to a big crowd can be a daunting task.

The key is to getting breakfast for a huge gathering right is to make dishes that can either be easily multiplied or are one pot dishes with minimum assistance required while serving. Before we talk about seven delectable breakfast choices that would be fit for the occasion, let us look at a few tips to get the meal right.

Tips For a Successful Breakfast Spread

  • Preparation: Plan and prepare as much as you can the night before to minimise stress early in the morning. This includes chopping vegetables, making batters, and setting up the serving area.
  • Variety: Try to make different dishes from different cuisines and not repeat the same breakfast everyday. From toast one day, make idli the next and poha after that. The family gathering is a celebration, let it be full of surprises and good food.
  • Beverages: Don’t forget beverages like coffee, tea, and fresh fruit juices to complement the meal.
  • Portion size: Keep in mind that portion size for adults and children vary. Cook your food accordingly.

Here are 7 breakfast options you can make for a big crowd:

Idli with Sambar

Recipe - bharatzkitchen HINDI

Idli, the South Indian steamed dish is a breakfast favourite that’s both wholesome and easy to prepare in large quantities. Serve them with piping hot sambar. You can set up the idlis in casseroles and sambar in a serving utensil. The fluffy idlis and spicy sambar make for a delightful combination that’s sure to please your guests.

Poori with Aloo Sabzi

Poori sabzi is a classic that’s perfect for feeding a crowd. The golden-fried pooris paired with a spicy and tangy aloo sabzi create a filling and indulgent breakfast. Prepare the aloo ki sabzi and make the pooris hot according to the size of the crowd. Don’t forget to make plenty of pooris, as they tend to disappear quickly!

Jam and Toast Bar

For a simpler yet delightful breakfast option, set up a jam and toast bar. Provide a number of bread slices, a variety of jams, and even peanut butter and nutella for those with different tastes. Guests can customise their toast to their liking, making it a fuss-free and enjoyable meal. You too can grab a plate and enjoy with everyone.


Recipe - CookingShooking Hindi

Poha, a popular breakfast dish made from flattened rice, is both quick and cost-effective for large gatherings. Season it with mustard seeds, curry leaves, turmeric, and a hint of lemon juice for a flavourful and filling breakfast option. You can also add chopped vegetables for extra nutrition or namkeen for the crunch factor.

Breakfast Sandwich Station

Create a DIY breakfast sandwich station with bread, spreads, and fillings. Offer choices like scrambled eggs or paneer, boiled potato filling, sausage, cheese, cucumber, coleslaw, mayonnaise, chutneys and various condiments. This allows your guests to craft their perfect breakfast sandwich, ensuring everyone’s taste buds are satisfied while you have to put in less of an effort. It can also be a fun activity everyone does together.

Muri with Ghugni

If you want to introduce your guests to the flavours of Bengal, serve muri (puffed rice) with ghugni. Muri is light and crunchy, while ghugni is a spicy and tangy chickpea curry. Make a big batch of the ghugni and just serve it with ready made muri, easily available in the market. The combination of textures and tastes in this dish is sure to be a hit among your guests.

Dhokla with Chutney

Dhokla, a steamed, spongy snack from the Western state of Gujarat is an excellent choice for a big crowd. Make a large quantity of dhokla in a steamer and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Serve it with a nice mint or tamarind chutney. Dhokla is not only delicious but also a healthier breakfast option.