Idli Manchurian Recipe: Got Leftover Idlis? They Deserve This Delish Makeover
Image Credit: Pixabay

Idli is a popular South Indian breakfast food that is usually paired with a lentil-based stew called Sambhar and chutney. Typically, they are puffy, steamed and made of a fermented rice batter. However, there are idlis that are of different shapes and sizes too, and made of a lentil-based batter, like the Adai Idli. The popularity idli has transcended many geographical boundaries, and the presence of South Indian food joints across the country is proof.  

Since it is so easy to make idlis, we tend to make them a bit too frequently, and then, we are left absolutely confused about the leftovers. What do you do, when you are out of sambar and chutney, but have a tray full of Idlis? Do you toss them away? What if we were to tell you that after seeing this recipe, you would, in fact, want to reserve a few idlis just to make this recipe, again and again.

Most of you may not have known, but Manchurian is actually a fairly desi phenomenon, and that it is not native to China at all. In a typical Manchurian, fried balls of meat or veggies and flour is dipped in a gravy made with finely chopped veggies, soya sauce and vinegar. This Indo-Chinese delicacy is a sensation across the country, and this Idli Manchurian recipe is a quirky spin on the same.

To make this recipe, you need to pan-fry the idlis until they are golden and crisp from both sides. Make sure you do this on medium-high flame.

Then prepare the Manchurian sauce. For that, heat oil in a wok, toss in chopped garlic, chopped ginger and green chillies. Make sure you finely chop everything. Sautee on low flame until garlic is golden. Throw in chopped onions and capsicum, sautee and stir on medium flame. Keep the flame low, add soy sauce. Add chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, black pepper powder, salt and then finally the pan-fried idlis. Mix everything well and serve hot.

Doesn’t that sound like a cakewalk? What are you waiting for? Try making this snack at home soon and let us know whether you liked it or not. Do not forget to share the pictures with us.  

If you do not have the time to make idlis the traditional way, you can also opt for instant idlis, which will bring the preparation time of the snack to a great extent.