Idli 65: A Tantalising Spin To Your Leftover Idlis
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

South Indian cuisine has given us quite a lot many culinary marvels that we love to indulge in. Idli (mini rice cake) is one such delightful South Indian snack that has found fans across the globe now. Mostly paired with sambhar or coconut chutney, the steamed dish is so popular that its fans have made several versions of it with interesting flavours and fusions. The fact that idli is made with a fermented rice batter, makes it easier for it to blend with just about anything. And that is why idli is a versatile snack that can be mixed and tossed with a host of spices and herbs for a flavourful new snack.  

If you have some leftover idli you can easily turn it into Idli 65 - a hot and spicy snack wherein a bunch of idlis are first broken down in bits, dipped in spicy flour batter, fried and topped up with fiery masalas and curry leaves. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? As the name suggests, idli 65 is a spin on the iconic chicken 65 which is said to have been first introduced in Hotel Buhari of Chennai in the year 1965, and was one of the most popular dishes among Indian soldiers. While there are many popular stories that surround the origin of the dish, its popularity has only soared regardless and has inspired many other snacks like paneer 65 and gobhi 65. 

Idli 65 besides being another version of the iconic dish, is also the easiest way to use the left-over idli. If you have kids or a picky eater at home, idli 65 is sure to be an effective means to make them enjoy their breakfast, for once. 

To make idli 65 at home, simply cut the idlis in into half and deep fry the chunks. In another wok, saute with garlic, capsicum and onion till tender. You can add more veggies that you may want to add. Follow it up with sauces of your choice and give a nice stir. 

Click here for a detailed recipe of idli 65. Try it at home next for a sumptuous snack and share your experience with us.